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  1. Get promo chips with it from the casino. Bet numerous small increments in an (almost) even money game like red/black in roulette until the promo chips are gone. Cash in your real chip winnings and pocket the cash.
  2. We were on Edge last week and made friends with some cruisers from the Great White North. They were given PCR tests by Celebrity onboard and had the results in less than 24 hrs.
  3. Actually we did just show up one night at the MDR on Millenium a couple of weeks ago when we were in Aqua Class. Just felt like trying it one night. No problem and we got a great table with helpful waiters. You can order off the MDR menu when in Blu also BTW.
  4. I book at a CVS location (a ways from the home) that releases appointments 2 weeks ahead for the last day before the cruise. My local CVS only releases appointments early morning for same day testing. So 2 days before the cruise I get up early and book appointment for that. Once I take the antigen test at my local CVS, and get my negative results back, I then cancel the far away appointment. It's worked twice so far this summer for cruises.
  5. I only have first and last name on my vaccine card. I’m a Jr and that’s not on the card or test results. Been on two cruises this summer and no issues.
  6. We did a Celebrity shorex in Juneau the other day. The buses were packed. The large whale watching boat was pretty full. We were on RCL Adventure second cruise out. Got an email every hour it seemed before we left emphasizing social distancing. We bought RCL transfers and the bus from the airport was so packed they even lowered the extra teeny tiny middle seats to get more people on. Then we get to the ship and it’s time to social distance. Trip back to the airport also packed.
  7. Read his "The Path Between the Seas" years ago. It was a magnificent account of the history of a canal in Central America. I watched him in the Civil War series by Ken Burns. Would love to see David.
  8. I understand that Celebrity and others have covered expenses to repatriate those who tested positive on a cruise. I also read the Celebrity plan to continue to do so through at least Oct 31. Can someone tell me why my cruise docs for a cruise next week say otherwise? f. Passenger Testing Positive for COVID-19 During Cruise. Passenger understands and agrees that if, after boarding, and even if Passenger has fully complied with all COVID-19 Policies and Procedures, Passenger tests positive for COVID-19 or exhibits signs or symptoms of COVID-19, Carrier may disembark, refuse re-boarding after a shore excursion, or quarantine Passenger as well as members of Passenger’s travelling party, or take other steps which Carrier determines, in its sole discretion, are necessary under the circumstances to protect the health and well-being of others. Under these circumstances, any such Passenger with a known or suspected case of infection with COVID-19 who is disembarked, refused re-boarding, or quarantined shall be entitled to a prorated refund or future cruise credit for the unused portion of the Cruise Fare. For further details, refer to Carrier’s refund and cancellation policy at www.celebritycruises.com. Each such Passenger is responsible for all other related costs and fines, including without limitation travel expenses. Under no circumstances shall Carrier be liable to any such Passenger for any costs, damages or expenses whatsoever incurred by any Passenger.
  9. I got through in about 10 minutes this morning. Didn’t get a freebie this time, but booked for much less than half of what TA wanted. Agent was very helpful.
  10. In our area (Florida), they open up lots of appointments the night before or very early am for that day’s testing. We had made appointments two weeks out, but with only very limited availability, at a location quite a drive away. This morning we were able to schedule tests at just about anytime today at our local CVS. Completed the antigen test, covered by insurance pretty easily. Check the box that says meeting needs for travel (per CDC guidelines).
  11. So I know the Onward is not beginning until next spring. We are looking at one of the Greek Island voyages. Are they going to have a small casino on the Onward like they have on Journey? Anyone know for sure?
  12. We’ve flown in morning of the cruise many times (including Nassau this summer), just because it was easier. Generally, in the summer, morning flights are less likely to have issues due to convective weather. If we are flying same day we look to take the earliest flights and make sure there are other flights that might still get us there if we run into issues. No guarantees. But there are no guarantees flying in the day before either. You could get in a situation where your flight the day before gets jacked up and there’s no seats available on the flights the next morning. You have to weigh the risks/benefits. For some, saving a night of hotel in an expensive city and being able to work an extra day is worth the risk.
  13. Wonderland is either going to be a big hit, or a total bust for your Mom’s BD. If she likes good food more than mystery and showmanship, likely the latter will apply. Safer choices are Chops or Chef’s Table.
  14. How long before this goes the way of the Diamond Club on Royal? They switched to 4 drinks per day at any time, at any bar or venue. No more unlimited happy hours.
  15. This thread has been started and deleted by the mods several times on the RCCL boards. Time to kick it to the curb here as well.
  16. I was way too concerned about this before our Adventure cruise (the second week it ran). It is a pain, no doubt, but not anything to stress over. RCL did antigen tests at the check in for the first cruise. They laid the PCR requirement on us at the last minute, and their stated reasoning was we would know if we were positive before leaving US. Go to Walgreens or CVS for an RT-PCR on the Monday before your cruise. The test is free for almost everyone. They send you results in about two days. If, something strange happens and you don’t get results in two days, then find a high priced RT-PCR with quick results.
  17. We cruised on Adventure several weeks ago. Did CVS on Tuesday and had results late Wednesday night.
  18. Get the shack chicken sandwich at the snack shack!!!!
  19. This is so true. No guarantees you are going to make it the next day even if you tried to fly the day before and flights get jacked up. If you have a problem and miss your connection you probably can’t get anyone on the phone in time to help you in a reasonable amount of time. Also, getting in a long line at a “special services” counter can cost you valuable time when you are trying to get an alternate flight. Something that has worked for me a few times is to find a gate where a flight (any flight) has just closed the door and there’s still an agent there. Nicely plead your case that you are trying to get to a cruise and beg for their help. They can help with ANY flight on that airline, just like the special services desk. The key is finding one that will help. I did just two weeks ago in Orlando. it’s a zoo out there now, especially in weather situations. The airlines only obligation is to put you on the next AVAILABLE flight. That could be days away in the current flying environment.
  20. Bird - Thanks a bunch for the reviews and info. You really helped us understand what to expect when we arrive tomorrow. Did everyone get their test results? Any issues?
  21. Are you able to go to breakfast Saturday morning prior to departure?
  22. We got moved from Solstice to Millie, but so far my perks and OBC have not come along for the ride. My TA says it’s coming though.
  23. And apparently the rest of the letters as well.
  24. Bird - thanks for posting this, but it’s not correct anymore WRT testing. RCL issued new requirements today. Starting next week you have to get an RT-PCR test at your expense prior to coming to the Bahamas. Cruisers should check the RCL pages for updates.
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