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  1. We booked Jan 2021 ABC islands for a wedding cruise based on the AMP. Hope it still happens.
  2. I will be arriving in Bonaire via RC cruise in Jan. 2021. I will be having a wedding ceremony while in port for one day. I know there are many hoops to jump through for a legal wedding on the island and I'm not interested in doing all that so it will be a symbolic ceremony and our officiant will be traveling with us as well as 35 guests. Has anyone done this? I'm deciding between Delfins and Bellefonte resorts as a place for the ceremony. Does anyone have experience with either of these locations? Also, I will need transportation for 35 from the cruise port to the wedding site and back to the cruise port. I have emailed Tropical Travel Bonaire, but haven't received a response. Does anyone know of a reputable transportation company on the island? Thanks in advance.
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