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  1. It makes sense to allow entry by air but not land. In non pandemic years several tens of millions private land border crossings were made from Canada. Air crossings are a small fraction of land crossings. Statistically the threat is greater with land crossings. Each country has to make decisions based on what it believes is best for its citizens. To suggest that the US or Canada is not being logical because the criteria used to decide on border crossings does not coincide with your views is the height of hubris.
  2. Are you referring to the Alaska Tourism Recovery Act, signed into law in March 2021?
  3. That particular recommendation predates the data that shows that fully vaccinated people can carry and transmit delta. Leading scientists of the time established that the sun orbited the earth. Should we still accept this as fact despite new data?
  4. Population profiles and variant distribution can account for some of the vaccine approval differences. Many countries want data from test groups similar to their populations. If you cast your mind back to spring / summer 2020 you may recall a fair bit of media attention paid to early test populations with few subjects drawn from particular racial groups. Bottom line, the science of pandemics is complicated. If something doesn't make sense to a non expert, the likely reason is a lack of understanding rather than stupid experts.
  5. 😆🤣😭 Funny that, they just want to keep as many people alive as they can. Go figure.
  6. Neanderthals couldn't adapt to new data. Look where they are now.
  7. One can spot it as a probable fake because the same person completed the form using the same writing instrument, i.e. likely done at the same time. While good fakes may exist, it actually takes more effort and treasure to create one than to get vaccinated. Which suggests that those using them would probably be willing to pay for a hacked electronic passport.
  8. Not so. The CDC has no problem with mixed mRNA vaccinations. Nor does it insist that all passengers be vaccinated. Look to the cruise lines if you feel a need to place blame.
  9. The EU started work on theirs around April 2020. It only became fully operational July of this year. The EU is a relatively small collection of like minded countries with similar technical capabilities used to developing joint projects. Getting 120 or more countries with different technical capabilities and drug approval agencies to agree is a matter of years.
  10. The CDC considers mixed mRNA vaccination acceptable. I believe it only rejects AZ / mRNA mixes.
  11. Thanks for the update. Please don't remove the feature that retains previous posted text in a thread when adding a new post. It is easily cleared using the link. The feature facilitates moving between tabs and apps without having to retype content.
  12. I believe so, but use the entry wizard at https://travel.gc.ca/travel-covid/travel-restrictions/wizard-start for details of entry.
  13. No doubt. But that is a project requiring years of discussion and debate, both domestic and international. At the moment there is a somewhat pressing need for an immediate solution to verify a single type of vaccination.
  14. Is there really a need to reinvent the wheel for international travel? Yellow immunization record booklets have been in use for over sixty years.
  15. These are not contradictory statements. What is the point you are trying to make?
  16. There are numerous reports in various threads in this section. Typically the provincial vaccination record printout(s) are used.
  17. My point was that fully vaccinated people have been shown to carry delta and infect others, especially the unvaccinated. Getting vaccinated protects the individual. It does not protect their young children. Mitigation protocols are still essential. Don't try to lay the blame entirely at the feet of service personnel. They are likely as vaccinated as the student population. The fully vaccinated that do not follow mitigation protocols are as responsible as the unvaccinated for prolonging the pandemic. The fact they don't suffer to the same degree is not material.
  18. Healthcare is constitutionaly a provincial area of responsibility. The provinces posses the necessary health data and the federal government would be hard pressed to compel them to give it up. Without provincial cooperation it is quite literally not possible to implement a national vaccination certificate.
  19. Every university student likely interacts with non bubble people every day. They use food services, the library, have classes with professors. Most Canadian universities have a large percentage of students in off campus housing. And let's not forget the married students with children. Given that Delta can be transmitted by the fully vaccinated, everyone should still be following mitigation protocols. Not doing so may be more comfortable today, but will only prolong the pandemic.
  20. You can block users from the menu (3 horizontal bars, top right below blue cc bar). Tap / click menu. Select Account. Last option is Ignored users. It will take you to a screen that displays currently ignored users and an edit to add new ones.
  21. Just common sense. Certainly the CDC uses basic statistics in calculating amount of risk to its homeland.
  22. Tonight is AIDA Cruises Aidanova.
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