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  1. Anyone know they will give a refund to anyone who had a deposit for a cruise based on this? I have a deposit down for a cruise in late 2021 that was transferred from a cruise I canceled previously in 2020. I have no problem getting the vaccine but would prefer to get my money back if I can use this as an excuse.
  2. I'm on the same sailing. I am not going to pay the balance if they require it at the end of August. I will cancel right before the due date. Hopefully they change this payment requirement considering it looks like there is a slim chance this cruise will even sail.
  3. Bankruptcy regardless of cause is still covered by VIsa and other cards as a charge back. If you read your link it does not list bankruptcy as something that is excluded.
  4. I had an aft suite booked for the December 7 day New Years cruise. The price dropped $780 USD. Seems to be worth the high speed internet reduced to standard internet and no transport. I then checked the website to see how the other pricing changed. I was able to upgrade to a Cheeky Corner Suite and keep the price the same as I paid originally. Initially this CC suite was $2400 more. In the end I saved $2400 from the initial pricing to get the better suite. Not a bad deal for me.
  5. If Virgin Voyages or any cruise line was to go bankrupt you would get a full refund through your credit card. It is called a charge back. It allows you to get your money back if you’ve paid for a service that you’ve never received. The prerequisite is that you’ve used a credit card as a method of payment. That is it. So you can stop spamming this site and others with your deep concerns about Virgin Voyages going bankrupt. If they do and you paid with a credit card you get all your money back. Somehow I doubt you have booked with them anyway.
  6. Even worse off than the cruise lines will be the major US airlines. Domestically net bookings are down about 70%. Now comes the Europe air travel ban. I would hate to be an airline employee. Even if you keep your job we could see the union contracts ripped up, pensions gone. Bankruptcy changes everything. We shall see. https://onemileatatime.com/united-airlines-domestic-bookings-down-70/
  7. Funny how people are talking about Virgin surviving with 1 ship yet to sale and no issues with CV. All the major cruise lines stock prices down close 70% from the highs and their going to pay huge to borrow money going forward with junk status on their bonds. Could be game over for RCL and Carnival. Virgin will be the last of them to go under. https://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/royal-caribbean-may-be-cut-to-junk-by-s-p-on-virus-travel-impact-1.1403246
  8. Although Coronavirus is terrible news for all cruise lines I would argue Virgin will the least impacted. At worst it is a delay on the launch of one ship. CV will hurt a cruise line with 10 or 20 ships much more than Virgin. It will also hurt companies which all they do is cruise like RCL or NCL over an long established company like Virgin where they have different revenue sources and one ship is a small part of their business plan. With Italy being locked down and Asia being ground zero cruise lines with ships in those areas will also be hurt much more than Miami or Caribbean iti
  9. A review from someone who is a little less bitter. Maybe because they got a suite.
  10. What a boring looking ship. No atmosphere. If I want to go in a lap pool with no music or atmosphere I will go to the YMCA. I will take the Virgin any day with a pool that keeps the lap swimmers and pool waders out. You can sit and relax by the pool, with a DJ pumping out nice tunes. No obnoxious person hanging by your feet in the pool or kids splashing around in their nappies and cruise worker yelling into a mike playing the same dumb games over and over again. Worst of all is the people these cruises and pools attract. I have been on the main stream cruisers and never spent more
  11. Scarlet Lady's main pool looks much nicer to me. About the same size without the ability to do laps. Then the there is the round pool which the Riv doesn't have.
  12. The Mergviglia holds 4500 people and has 4 pools. One pool is in the yacht club which is restricted to yacht club guests only and is very small. One of the 3 for regular guests is indoors. None are adult only. There are 2 outdoor pools for the 4325 people filled with kids who are not in the yacht club. I will take Virgin thanks.
  13. Richard Branson has said who his target market is. Do you think it is you or the 27 cruises Vlogger? I don't.
  14. If you come on a boat to swim in the pool you are not Virgins target market. The only thing more irritating than kids in a trendy pools is the person doing laps.
  15. The outlet is about 1.5 feet from the headboard and 2 feet from the second side table. A standard iphone cable is 3 feet. The closet is adjustable. The curtain can slide away from the wall. She set the curtain and clothes to block the switch for the video. Regardless the lights are automatic. They turn on automatically when you enter the room and turn off after you leave. New technology. These type of lighting is common now. As a bonus you adjust the light brightness and mood with the tablet as well I suspect the DND. There is a switch beside the bed for turning on and off at nigh
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