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  1. I think they will add regular beds in 5 years after the first dry dock. Maybe regular wardrobes although the placement of the light may cause that to change . Deifately more shelves in the bathroom. Apart from that I don't know until I see it.
  2. It's also the way they put it. They said the bathrooms are small, the pool was too small and they clearly didn't like the entertainment. I watched a few of there videos today and they always say a few negatives in everey video. I like how they are positive and it's upto us to make our decision. I don't wanna watch someone be miserable in every video. Just feel like everyone wants negativety these days. I don't get why bloggers get such a bad rep for "not telling the truth". Most of the joirnelist priasied the ship but don't get flack. I don't think I have ever read a b
  3. Is it though? Just look at the latest NCL ship. ONE pool for a ship double the size. They even removed the adults only pool at the back for the race track. Personally I prefer more hot tubs anyway.
  4. Someone from Virgin confirmed on social media that the pool and the big hot tub is accessible. They have a lift that can be moved into place.
  5. I just watched another video from another couple of bloggers. It was nice to see more of the ship that the previous video. The previous video seemed over the top picky. No storage? I see plenty of shelves and that closet is massive. Although i dont like the curtain. No charging points? I see one on each side of the bed and on the desk. Cant find the light switch? As someone mentioned earlier The room has a i-pad that controls everything but they where not set up yet. You can see in this video the lights turn on automatically when they opened the door. I agree t
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