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  1. Snackdaddy, it's great to here that is the hotel, we are booked on the same cruise and that was the hotel we were looking at. We plan on a few days ahead of time there and a few days in Barcelona after.
  2. Both my husband and I received auto renewals in the mail last December (for me)/ January (for him) - we have to go the airport otherwise so it would be a total pain until we get back to travelling more often. GE is the best money we have spent so far.
  3. You are so lucky!! I had to renew my passport in March (wasn't going anywhere this year) and still expediated it, took 2-1/2 months ............................. Let's hope it's working well for everyone. My husbands in due to expire next year before our April cruise, I am after him almost daily.
  4. You can always take the train to Trieste, I just looked prices are relatively low. We've done trains throughout Europe and can only wish we had train service in the US like those.
  5. So we sail out of somewhere else. My point was that I will not sail out of Miami until they figure out how to let the cruise lines determine who can and can't be on their ships. This is very much a "no shirt, no shoes, no service". I remember what it was like before this was put in place not good memories.
  6. Florida's decision is costing them money. We decided to make our cruise choice (RSSC ) but are choosing not to go out of the US (going out of Venice) simply because we don't want to take chances. I'm sure we are not alone - would have love to sail sooner than next Spring(ish). Just need to sail.
  7. Thank-you, only asked as we normally fly United and there is nothing between here (Denver) and Venice, they all disappeared in the last week. Everything is Lufthansa.
  8. You must be booking your own. Do you mind sharing which airline?
  9. Hold on just a cotton picking minute! I have to give them another picture - isn't that ugly thing on my passport enough?!
  10. Will be curious to see what things will be like by next April when we sail. We chose the trip we are taking by being able to go back to Venice "one more time", ok my husband wants to go to Harrys Bar again, I want to go to Amalfi again! lol A two hour train trip won't change things, but will make us more inclined to stick with Regent travel instead of doing our own thing like we usually do.
  11. This has probably already been answered, but why can't the solution be, "it's not where you sail from but where you bought your cruise from?" aka show proof at time of booking, Florida and Texas might have a change of heart when all of the bookings come from "elsewhere"? I for one have always agreed with "no shirt no shoes no service"
  12. One of the things (with the exception of a t-shirt here and there) is to actually shop while on a cruise. I've told my husband that this next cruise will be different, I would like proof (at the very least) that I've been someplace. Will Regent help me ship it home or do I need to plan with the vendor? Sorry but it's been a long time since vacation and I am plotting and planning for next April!
  13. Just saw this posted by Regent on Facebook "If you’re eager to explore & set sail for an unrivaled experience once more, we ask that you join us & make your voice heard by reaching out to your elected & regulatory officials today, asking them to allow cruising to resume in the U.S.A. "
  14. That is very interesting. Thank-you!
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