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  1. "You can wait to receive your FCC by July 28, in which you can use to book a cruise (any cruise, any ship). Must be used by April 30, 2022. " I also had a cruise cancelled. Can anyone tell me when it says the FCC must be used by April 30, if that means I just need to re-book or actually have to cruise before then? We would have been on Divina March 13, 2020-the day before ALL cruises were cancelled. We opted to cancel that and were forced to have the FCC. I finally rebooked for August on Mera and added two more cabins to take more family. I'm hoping to at least get a refund for their cabins since that was a new reservation and MSC cancelled not us.
  2. What a bummer, we were scheduled for 8/21 on Mera. Scheduling with our family is challenging, so I hope I can just get a refund since our money was tied up over a year already. This would have been our first MSC cruise and in YC. Maybe some day...
  3. I'm on the same sailing and considered bidding as well, but didn't because we have an Executive and the space was similar, only with a balcony. The one perk I noticed is that with the Royal Suite you get a dedicated cabana on the pool deck stocked with food and beverages. I believe I read a few reviews about it here. Enjoy!
  4. @glentally Did you rent the car when you got to the port or ahead of time? I'm thinking of doing a rental versus taking cabs and trying to think it through.
  5. Well, guess this is where I finally jump in. I've been lurking/learning for months. We will be on the Divina 3/13 in YC 12002. I believe I read it wasn't as big as the others on either side, but I assume still pretty nice. It will be my DH and 15 yo, so we basically wanted two rooms. My only question is if we'll be forgotten by YC staff being so far away. I don't want to hijack, but my DH gets motion sick, I'm hoping it won't be too bad in the front like we are - anyone know?
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