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  1. Cruise Date: 6/23/2020 Cruise cancelled by Seabourn: 4/14/2020 Excursions refunded: 5/15/2020 Spa Bookings refunded: 5/15/2020 Cruise Refund requested: 4/15/2020 - nothing received as of today (and would not expect this within 60 days...)
  2. CrusinPashmina, I hope you can put a "done" on this item on your bucket list one day. It is a wonderful and interesting itinerary and a great way to arrive in Japan via its northern ports in Hokkaido. The only risk is the weather (we had some cloudy days but rather calm seas in mid September). Like you we have spent quite a bit of time in Japan and consider it our 2nd home... Thus we could smile as Japan immigration set up all their PCs and fingerprinting machines in the VenetianLounge to process everyone's entry into the country, while most others did not appreciate the three hours it took to clear everyone... 😘
  3. Alexandria, we did Vancouver to Tokyo in the 2nd half of September 2013 on the Shadow and absolutely loved it. You cross part of a world where not many cruises go. Loved Alaska, the island stops thereafter, the many sea days and Kamchatka. Japan is much easier to visit nowadays and you will get enough help and advice in English to get around. I would plan at least one week in Japan.
  4. And in case you wonder which are the top six..... https://www.cruisecritic.co.uk/articles.cfm?ID=2349
  5. 7. The Napa Burger, Seabourn Cruise Line The Burger: Developed by Michelin-starred chef and Seabourn partner Thomas Keller, this decadent burger is made with a high-quality RR Ranch beef and pork patty, five-year aged Wisconsin cheddar cheese and Thousand Island dressing made in house -- all packed into a potato brioche bun with the freshest fixings (lettuce, tomato, onions and pickles).
  6. Thanks for this clarification. I was not aware of this at all as we usually cruise < 20 days.
  7. Yes, you have to cancel one months before final payment. 120 days = 4 months is the period for free cancelation. It is 90 days or 3 months for final payment. We live in Europe, but use a USA agent as US$ fares are usually lower than Euro fares. She always emails me a week before the free cancellation period (i.e. Feb 24 for our Jun 23 cruise) i which case I would get a free refund of the deposits paid and a re-issue of the future cruise deposit used. She does the same before final payment (in this case Mar 24). Hope this helps to clarify.
  8. JP1320, glad to help. This is what CC is all about!
  9. JP1320, we joined a fellow CC who had booked with Aziz Benami of "Tangier Private Guide". Here is the outline we got ahead of the tour: • 9 am (Moroccan time) : Arrival in Tangier • 9.30 am : Start the sightseeing tour from the Port of Tangier • 10.30 am : Stop at Cape Spartel, 5 minutes free time for pictures or using facilities • 10.45 am : Stop for camels either for taking pictures or for a ride • 11.15 am : Visit of Hercules caves • 11.45 am : Departure back to the city center for lunch • 12.15pm -1pm : Lunch (Optional) • 1 pm : Transfer from the restaurant for the walking tour • 1.15 pm : Visit of the Kasbah and the Museum • 1.45 pm : Walking tour in the Medina and the market • 2.30 pm – 3 pm : Free time for shopping or drinks at the Petit Socco • 3pm : Departure for the Port of Tangier • 3.15 pm : Arrival at the Port.
  10. JP1320, can only comment on Tangier. Small town, within a (medium length) walk from the port. We took a private tour to see the Cape Spartel, glance across the straits of Gibraltar, and visit the Caves of Hercules ending with a short guided tour of the town and then walked back to the ship on our own.
  11. If every grouch would be like The Grouch life all around would be far less grouchy.... Whogo - many thanks for taking us along on your cruise, smiling all the way!
  12. The Spa has now moved to "dynamic" pricing, e.g. the cost of the massage vary by day and time. Surely, this "enrichment" program is not designed to drive increased revenues...😘
  13. whogo, some suggestions re food and pillows: ask for the Sundae with double ice cream and the whipped cream only on the side. Then add to your liking. They do serve the caviar pure and without any condiments if you ask also. The room stewardess is also very good at removing unwanted pillows from your suite! Maybe not a standard HAL service, but available on SB...😘
  14. amgslg, I second catlover54. The first SB cruise is earlier and thus still more in "summer" and the ports are IMHO "better". Santorini is usually way overcrowded (we stayed on board last 2 cruises) and personally we like the ports on the first cruise more. But this is "personal"! Like others we have been avid SS fans for 12 years and nearly 200 days. We tried SB in 2014 as we got fed up with the deteriorating service and the constant cost cutting. We did SS again in 2015 and 2016 and endured Prosecco being passed on as Champagne. Replacing the sugarcoated dried ginger in the MDR with ginger flavoured candy "broke the camels back" and we have been on SB ever since...
  15. Mauzak, same procedure. Book and pay on-line. Visit SB Square and they will handle it all.
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