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  1. We have been on the (old) QEII Queens Grill a (very) long time ago and on Silversea and Seabourn ever since, thus my comments may be a bit dated. And while my answers to your questions may sound that both lines are comparable, I do believe we are comparing peaches and oranges (both delicious but very different) : - breakfast in the suite every morning: yes, you can have this on SB if you desire, in your suite, in your bed or on your private balcony; - a butler to arrange the occasional cocktail party, etc: SB does not do butlers like Cunard (or Silversea), but your room steward(ess) or a call to SB square/room service will arrange anything you desire; - having the same wait staff for dinner every night in the Queens Grill restaurant: there is open seating on SB, but if you ask to be seated in the same section (or the one where your favorite waiters are on duty) this is possible; - how does the service in a SB larger suite compare: we found service on both lines very professional, but more personal on SB. Service on SB is identical in any type of suite as SB dos not do visibility perks...; - are you able to develop relationships with wait staff: see above. There are, however, some major differences: 500/600 pax on SB vs 3000+ on Cunard; Cunard Queens Grill is "posh" all around, SB much more casual (from the staffs' attitude and uniforms to the dress code for passengers to the intonation of English...); there are no differentiations by suite level and no tipping on SB!
  2. M&PGermany, DANKE for all the info. The pictures are fantastic. We were close to book EUR2033 next week, but unfortunately family needs stopped this. We will try the Perfection of the "golden cage of Germans" hopefully soon one day in order to smell the waves and to marvel at the horizon. One can only deal with cruise-withdrawal symptoms for some time and unfortunately no one knows when SB will be able to sail again given that all their passengers pax from USA, UK and "down under" are forced to stay put at home...
  3. M&PGermany, many thanks for sharing. Which ports did you visit and where you able to get off the ship? Importantly (for us), how did you find the smoking policy on the ship? SB finally banning smoking on the Balconies was a major improvement. We have no problem with the Cigar Lounge, but are worried about the prevalence of smoke in other areas on the Europa.
  4. The only down-side on Deck 9 is in case you like to sleep in a bit and then they start cleaning the open deck below (Bar, pool area) and drag the chairs across the floor..... Less of an issue on Deck 10.
  5. First visited there in 1970 while in college and doing a EuroRail adventure. Loved being in this town then and when we came back in 1997. Terry, yes, the times of Europe on $5 a day..... I guess today one may make it on $50/day, but $500 (and more) may be more realistic. 🤣 Is that festival the one with the painted cows (IIRC)? Bucephalus53, not sure what you mean with "IIRC". The Salzburg summer festival was founded in 1920 and focuses on classical music, operas and theater plays. I can't recall any "painted cows" being featured, but Salzburg's "painted bull" story goes back to the middle-ages. When the city was under a siege and had only one bull left, they citizens decided to paint this last bull in different colors and shades every day. They then walked the animal along the ramparts to show the enemy that they had enough supplies to hold out and the enemy finally left. "Fake news" several centuries ago....
  6. For MJN1, I also love your Salzburg, Austria. That's an amazing location with such exciting history, architecture, people, etc., etc. Terry, many thanks. The city is filling up with tourists again and "life" here looks deceptively normal. Even the Salzburg summer Festival will take place in August, albeit in a much reduced format. When can we cruise again...? Given that USA, UK and Australians usually accounted for close to 75% (or more) of passengers on Silversea and/or Seabourn and the first two countries now "banned" from entering in many places and Australia reluctant to allow anyone back-in the outlook for a viable operation without such cruisers isn't very bright...
  7. The best time to visit Venice is right now! 😘
  8. One point on the refunding of future cruise deposits (FCD): As mentioned, SB also refunded us the 2x $ 500 FCD as part of the total fare refund. When I told our TA about the completed refund (incl the amount of the FDCs) , she was worried that we would thus lose the chance to save the usual 5% at our next booking (whenever that will be...). She thus contacted SB to re-instate the FDC and we were willing to pay the $1,000 back to SB again. The great answer from SB was that they will manually apply the 5% discount at the time of the next booking and that there is no need to pay the $ 1,000! We only need to give them the reference booking number of the cancelled cruise at that time to make this happen. So, thank you SB 👍 and maybe helpful for others in a similar situation.
  9. JPH814, thanks for all your work here! Our Refund arrived! 😀 (Your spreadsheet shows me as MTN1): Cruise Date: 6/23/2020 Cruise cancelled by Seabourn: 4/14/2020 Excursions refunded: 5/15/2020 Spa Bookings refunded: 5/15/2020 Cruise Refund requested: 4/15/2020 Full refund (incl the 2 x 500 Future Cruise credit) received: 6/15 and 6/16/2020 Time to refund: 2 months. No complaints from our side..... Guess it will take a bit longer until we feel safe to book again!
  10. Cruise Date: 6/23/2020 Cruise cancelled by Seabourn: 4/14/2020 Excursions refunded: 5/15/2020 Spa Bookings refunded: 5/15/2020 Cruise Refund requested: 4/15/2020 - nothing received as of today (and would not expect this within 60 days...)
  11. CrusinPashmina, I hope you can put a "done" on this item on your bucket list one day. It is a wonderful and interesting itinerary and a great way to arrive in Japan via its northern ports in Hokkaido. The only risk is the weather (we had some cloudy days but rather calm seas in mid September). Like you we have spent quite a bit of time in Japan and consider it our 2nd home... Thus we could smile as Japan immigration set up all their PCs and fingerprinting machines in the VenetianLounge to process everyone's entry into the country, while most others did not appreciate the three hours it took to clear everyone... 😘
  12. Alexandria, we did Vancouver to Tokyo in the 2nd half of September 2013 on the Shadow and absolutely loved it. You cross part of a world where not many cruises go. Loved Alaska, the island stops thereafter, the many sea days and Kamchatka. Japan is much easier to visit nowadays and you will get enough help and advice in English to get around. I would plan at least one week in Japan.
  13. And in case you wonder which are the top six..... https://www.cruisecritic.co.uk/articles.cfm?ID=2349
  14. 7. The Napa Burger, Seabourn Cruise Line The Burger: Developed by Michelin-starred chef and Seabourn partner Thomas Keller, this decadent burger is made with a high-quality RR Ranch beef and pork patty, five-year aged Wisconsin cheddar cheese and Thousand Island dressing made in house -- all packed into a potato brioche bun with the freshest fixings (lettuce, tomato, onions and pickles).
  15. Thanks for this clarification. I was not aware of this at all as we usually cruise < 20 days.
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