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  1. It doesn’t specifically say refund or credit. Still have to call I guess.
  2. The big issue is that if one person on board gets it, you’re probably going to be refused entry to ports and quarantinedfor weeks. Not sure how you can cruise under those circumstances.
  3. Is the Silversea update documented anywhere? I was within days of canceling. Does it include airfare they booked for you or just the cruise portion? Obviously I can call but although this is news, it would be helpful to see how the official word is getting out. Good news.
  4. From the Australia region, Muse goes to Singapore at end of March and then on to Yokohama. Really? Yokohama is where the Diamond Princess docked, right? Hundreds were sickened and some died. Not to mention Japan is worried enough that they cancelled school for a month. The plus side side is that Muse will be in Alaska a couple months before your July cruise (same as us). It’s a guess what Alaska will look like a couple months from now.
  5. We have a July Alaska Cruise scheduled. The day 120 full cancel deadline is approaching so we may cancel. I wish SS would extend the cancel deadlines so we can better assess the situation. Muse is currently scheduled to go through Vietnam, Japan and Singapore in April/May before heading to Alaska. I’d avoid the Asian ports first of all, but if the U.S. situation gets worse, it’ll be too late to cancel. If the area or the ship has a few cases of the virus in summer, I bet they won’t cancel the cruise. It’s a lot of $$$ to gamble.
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