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  1. Not surprising labs don't report number of cycles, most are using an interface to a LIS, not sure if any of them are set up to capture that data (not sure if the instrument even sends that out). Also for the manufacture to change the number of cycles would require FDA approval, even with the Emergency Use Authorization I'm sure that was criteria included . Actually if the low viral load= no transmission holds true that might be good news for ships full of vaccinated passengers - any infection would be very mild or even asymptomatic and no big outbreak like on Diamond Princess will occur
  2. Interesting article, I will have research this further , the Cepheid test uses 45 cycles, they always strive for high sensitivity to prevent a false negative test (something critical for diseases like GC, chlamydia or Tuberculosis )
  3. Why did he keep getting rapid antigen test, after the first negative result he really should have gotten a PCR (just not Abbott) They can and probably will install small table top PCR analyzers on ships, Cepheid has several tablet top models, it would be low volume testing but could handle testing passengers or crew suspected of having Covid , its a moderately complex assay that any laboratory professional could run.
  4. Covid 19 antibody testing is unreliable, especially the cheap rapid cartridge test (most manufactured in China by companies with little or no prior experience). Even IgG/IgM antibody testing done on complex analyzers are not perfect ( test too soon and IgG has not developed yet, but test too late and the IgM antibodies are already gone) Also your claim of a 2% false positive rate, it might be true of a rapid antigen test (never the gold standard of any testing system for any infectious disease) but a quick review of the FDA approval documents show the the Cepheid Covid 19 PCR test had 0% fals
  5. But if they end up with another Diamond Princess fiasco it will be the cruise line that will take the financial hit, not the non vaccinated passenger that caused it, its all about trying not to go bankrupt
  6. Don't forget Philadelphia , they use to have a cruise port for Bermuda cruises, its sitting empty plus Philly is a hub for American so they would have plenty of flights
  7. No, if the cruise lines go without a vaccine requirement and have another big Covid outbreak (a very possible if not probable outcome) the 24/7 media coverage with be the final nail in the cruise industry's coffin - they really cant afford another Diamond Princess fiasco.
  8. Hank you might want to rethink your Covid 19 analysis, California numbers have greatly improved, lower cases per 100,000 persons that Florida and Texas, very few red states are doing better than California except for West Virginia (whose Governor has been very serious about Covid and had one of the best vaccine rollout)
  9. Cruise lines that don't require full vaccination, all it will require is one outbreak ( with all the bad publicity that will follow)and they will fall in line.
  10. My guess is those cruise lines not requiring vaccination will reverse course after they (or another non-vaccination requiring line) sails and has a Covid outbreak. The economic impact and all the bad press will force their hand
  11. Alabama just started to vaccinate 65 and older starting on 2/10/21, my wife and I received the Pfizer shot at Southeast Health that day, Today schools were closed so teachers (regardless of age) can be vaccinated if they choose. . County Health Department is now calling those on wait list to make appointments (most likely Moderna vaccine) Local hospitals learned the lessons from Florida and required appointment times, we were in and out in under 30 minutes - have a classmate from Daytona Beach that waited in line for 17 hours for her first shot !!!
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