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  1. Crown Princess has departed the anchorage in Singapore and is headed for Manila, Philippines, hopefully to pick up crew for the season.
  2. Kirby Stevens 1 day ago I see that Crown Princess has been along side in Singapore for several days. Do you know what is going on with her? Seems like a long time for just a resupply/refueling. Same Ship Different Day 4 hours ago Hi Kirby, they are alongside for their annual PSSC audit
  3. Was it a dry dock or alongside a pier. The current position appears that she is alongside.
  4. I noticed that the Crown Princess has moved from the anchorage to a pier in Singapore and has been at the pier for several days. If they are just refueling or taking on supplies, they are at the pier for a couple of days. I am wondering if they may be doing some refurbishment since the last one was done in 2018. Anyone have contacts aboard the Crown?
  5. On my Ocean Ready Profile it says my arrival status is "Blue Lane 0/4" with four blank bars under it. What does this mean?
  6. Emerald was refurbished in 2019 and the Crown was done in 2018 so she may look a bit tired.
  7. We were switched from Emerald to Crown Princess. I noticed that the Emerald has Steamers Seafood and Planks BBQ and the Crown does not have them. What will I be missing?
  8. Thanks, Hanging out in International waters is probably cheaper than being in LA
  9. I see that the Ruby, Emerald and Royal are all off Ensenada, Mexico drifting. Any ideas why they would be there?
  10. We shall see, I have 5 interior cabins booked and paid for in June. Havent heard anything from PCL yet, will keep you posted
  11. Has anyone received information on limiting the number of passengers on a ship? My Princess Advisor says he has not received any information about it.
  12. We have 5 families coming to Seattle in June for a round trip to Alaska. Some flying and some driving. I am looking for hotels that will allow 1 week parking when you stay with them. The hotel could be near the airport or terminal 91. How about parking at the terminal? I know about the two big lots for $159 & $189 per week, looking for alternatives
  13. https://www.facebook.com/PrincessVPSales/?__cft__[0]=AZVLCG1UFw5Sk1KZP35mEfn5u1OEKQFEp3WPU0rZARRAb2dKvianEfZq6KQC51LYzQS53DaR4EyQOeyebe6Ggylw-OCsxmwVyVQKyks5nVACjCqgYKpIBDWNubkjyLt3rZOS6H-k5E-MPR5RJyHV59mxWehK4Vx5-TPepwbNLx15qk832kcVbg1L2tlnmorWY8yTcsOa5gDggC4NBcSckl9Z&__tn__=-UC%2CP-R
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