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  1. Yes, DeWine announced today that school will not resume this academic year. He said they are looking at a "blended option" for the fall, but it sounds like each district will have a lot of control over what strategy they pursue in the fall. Trump is incorrect. Everything will not open up May 1st. DeWine, is trying to maintain the delicate balance between opening business and keeping Ohioans safe. He is being thoughtful and deliberate. I am very happy he is our Governor. I suspect that although businesses will open it will not be anything like what it was before COVID. He mentioned that small businesses had pleaded that if they are permitted to open up they are not quickly closed with a second wave so he is doing his best to put into place practices that will allow businesses to open and stay open. It was mentioned that there will likely be another wave, but they want it to be very small and controllable. Are you in Ohio?
  2. Thanks for the kind words. I have tried with both the airline and RCCL. In the scheme of things it is okay. Any problem that can fixed with money is not a real problem. We are fortunate to be able to quarantine. I am so comforted that our Ohio governor is closing schools the rest of the year and there will be perhaps a remote learning plan for kids like my son for when school resumes in the fall. I know it won’t be easy to keep him isolated until a vaccine is available, but I am glad that our governor is being thoughtful and I won’t have un-enroll him from public school to go independently to a home school household. I was not meant to be a teacher and I look forward to when my son can go to school with his friends.
  3. I totally agree. We paid close to $1,700 for our family to fly to Fort Lauderdale (due to Spring Break). We did receive a credit, but it must be used by March 2021. With a son with respiratory issues I am treating it as a sunk cost. The credit will go unused. And likely the same story with our cruise credit.
  4. If you cancel you will receive a voucher. Even if they eventually cancel you will not see a refund. That is what happened to us. And we have not even seen the voucher as the cancel was verbal by our travel agent and no documentation was provided. We did receive a refund for the port taxes.
  5. I am sorry to hear that you are out of a job with a young family. More and more they are showing that younger folks are becoming seriously ill and some who recover have permanent lung damage. If we adopt mitigation strategies we may be able to cut the death toll from 2.2 million to 1.1 million in the United States. Article linked: https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2020/03/19/coronavirus-projections-us/ Best Wishes
  6. Good point. I used the wrong word. The word is everything is canceled. As far as closed - I was surprised to discover that a local KFC was only operating drive through and another restaurant wasn't open. For our area I cannot speak to business closures. Of course grocery stores are open and selling like crazy. I have a son with severe respiratory issues so we are hunkering down. This is a unique situation that is changing quite rapidly and I think flexiblity will be required all around. My kids are elementary age. My opinion is not worth much and it is presumptuous to think that you want it. The first panicked wave have emptied the grocery stores. Grocery stores will be restocked. I will likely use grocery delivery. Right now I am using a meal delivery service (think Hello Fresh, Home Chef, etc.). I think the key is to limit outings and exposure and when you must keep your distance. Wash those hands as soon as you come home (and every chance you get). Don't touch your face. But you know those things. Sorry if it comes off preachy. I fear that we may eventually reach a mandatory quarantine in the United States. Tell your kids everything will be okay, but stock that freezer with food and potentially the pantry with canned goods.
  7. Sorry - phone flounder. I think the answer is without leadership from the top it falls upon each of us to be socially responsible to slow the spread. I feel very fortuate our Ohio Governor is being proactive. Our schools are closed. Everything is closed. But without leadership making those decisions, it is incumbant upon individuals to take precautions to limit spread. The life you save may be your own.
  8. I read the Canadian article. I know hindsight 20-20 but it still disappoints. If the Germans had developed a test for coronavirus why wouldn’t you leverage their knowledge. As a side note they are the only country with greater than 265 confirmed cases that have had zero deaths.
  9. It is on their website. I think it is real!
  10. Don't know if folks have seen - it appears that RCCL is providing a credit if you cancel and are booked between now and July 31st.
  11. "How old is your son? Last I heard and might of changed was that no one under 15 has been diagnosed with the virus." He is 12. That is definitely weighing in his favor. Otherwise, there is no questions we would not go. But I also know that when he had respiratory issues as a toddler he baffled the medical staff at the hospital. He was an anomaly. I have collected a small arsenal of drugs in case he catches something (we always travel with steroids). We have a week to decide what to do. I am watching what they do with the ship that is curently off the coast of CA. I hate the idea of being confined on a ship with illness.
  12. To each their own. I have had correspondence with one of the cruise lines. They confirmed that based on documents such as passports and birth certificates they cannot determine if you have been to high risk areas of the world so they are depending upon people telling them. Also, some people may be asymtpomatic, in the incubation period, or exhibit a mild cold and will not be denied boarding where they may be able to pass it along to those on the ship who may have higher risk factors. And if you came near somebody who had it you may not know. From others who have been boarding recently they are not necessarily taking temperatures (not that motrin cannot temporarily eradicate a fever). I feel more comfortable on our direct flights from a smaller airport than I do about the petri dish of a cruise ship. Again, to each their own.
  13. I was advised by TA for our insurance it has to be a change in medical condition. Fear of traveling due to pre-existing health issue is not covered. I am very conflicted. If I could cancel and receive a refund I would. We have a week to decide.
  14. That's a bit harsh. I bought insurance and the question of "cancel for any reason" was not even broached - TA told me there was a particular 3rd party insurance they recommended and was better than some of the other products. We bought it. But as it turns out it does not cover "fear of traveling". When I booked the cruise the idea of a potential pandemic didn't really cross my mind. I thought I had done my due diligence purchasing insurance and was not even aware of the different types of insurance. As luck would have it my son has severe asthma and has breathing issues whenever he contracts a cold so he is in the high risk category.
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