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  1. Did you check your sailing here? https://www.royalcaribbean.com/booked/cruise-room-upgrade
  2. Business casual is what we choose. We don’t wear shorts in the dining room.
  3. Yes I did misread your post. Good luck on your bid! S
  4. WOW! The fact that you found out this early is awesome! Most I'm seeing aren't finding out until a few days before cruise.
  5. Oh! This is good news. We are flying Southwest in 2 weeks and I've been concerned if I need a back up plan. Things are so hard on so many industries right now.
  6. Probably sold out, as they only offer to a limited number of passengers.
  7. And bloody mary's I agree I don't see any on the 24 hour RSM
  8. Nope, you have to get those at a bar. If you order alcohol drinks on the room service menu you will be charged.
  9. This was also the Crime Cruise charter so I suspect that also led to the numbers being up.
  10. The wording is tricky, so I'm glad someone has asked. Looking forward to seeing others experience. How far in advance of my cruise do I need to be vaccinated? In order to be considered fully vaccinated, a guest must have received their last dose in their vaccine series no less than 14 full days before their sail date. The 14-day period starts the day you get your last dose — that’s Day 1. After 14 days pass, you can get onboard on Day 15. For example, if you received your final dose on September 1st, your 14-day countdown starts on September 1st, and you would be permitted to board the ship on September 15th or later.
  11. ours showed up at 40 days prior to departure.
  12. They all say Pending initially. If you have multiple offers are made and others are expired there could be a possibility that you got the upgrade, but that’s not 100% as I have seen others who thought they win but the offer changed to expired.
  13. Not much of a drinker, but what do others order for MockTails, want some ideas. Will have the refreshment package and I will order a Prosecco or two with dinner, but what mocktails would others recommend? Thank you for the recommendations. S
  14. This is one of the few benefits of Jr Suite - early suite checkin.
  15. Always a nice surprise when unexpected OBC shows up.
  16. Did you apply for the RCCL Stock credit? Mine showed up randomly like that.
  17. Here is a recent image of Freedom in Miami last week. Looks the same to me.
  18. Thank you for sharing your experience. I think we will bid on all suite options and roll the dice.
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