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  1. Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for. Appreciate you sharing.
  2. Does RCCL accept BinaxNow when administered at Walgreens?
  3. LOL, being a Hamilton fan I was like oh! Lin Manuel-Miranda lil sister. Enjoy your cruise.
  4. This is the proper answer if you want the cash!
  5. Just received from RCCL Vaccine Requirement for your October 2021 sailing On August 19th, 2021, the Bahamian government advised that cruise ships will only be permitted to enter a Bahamian port, including private destinations, if all passengers ages 12 and older are fully vaccinated. To comply with this requirement, guests 12 years and older are now required to be fully vaccinated for your sailing. Guests under the age of 12 are not required to be vaccinated, but may be subject to testing requirements.Our records indicate that you are vaccinated and as a result, this does not impact you. Thank you for your cooperation. As we get closer to your sail date, we'll share details regarding additional sailing requirements.We look forward to welcoming you onboard.Sincerely, Royal Caribbean International
  6. WOW Sale was extend another couple days. Good luck all, happy to see so many were able to get updates.
  7. Do a mock booking and you should see you’re eligibility and pricing.
  8. Always ask for a price drop - money in your pocket is better than in the cruise lines. Good Luck!
  9. Happy to see so many being to take advantage of this update. It's nice to see RCCL offering some OBC again and price drops. Hugs from Maine. Sheila
  10. Yes, definitely can get OBC after final payment if prices drop esp with the price guarantees currently in place.
  11. WOW sale is up and is including OBC (haven't seen that in awhile). Was able to get the OBC added to our reservation, no change in pricing for us but having some OBC helps with the drink bill. Happy Friday Jr.
  12. When I checked in for our Oct 31, we got the 12-12:30 timeslot.
  13. Is this only available if you book direct or can my TA do this after final payment? Never asked for OBC after final payment before, but cruise is down a bit.
  14. I was able to check-in and select Noon (12 pm) for our October cruise on Freedom.
  15. Been having this for a week for our 10/31 cruise. But, I was able to access on my mobile.
  16. Unfortunately, I think it did. "Freedom OTS deck plan changes 2020 refurbishment review. Ship's 2020 drydock refurbishment (January 12 - March 7) was a USD 116 million "Royal Amplified" project that resulted in the following deckplan changes: ... (deck 4) SABOR (Mexican restaurant) replaced by "Izumi Hibachi and Sushi" (Japanese restaurant)"
  17. I believe I had seen Sabor was removed to put in Izumi's but I'm sure @BirdTravels will be able to confirm.
  18. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! So nice to see some "normalcy" coming back. Have a great cruise! S
  19. We always fly in the day before, that way we can begin our vacation early, enjoy a nice dinner and get to the ship early to relax by the pools and have a nice lunch. Lends to a much more relaxing embarkation day for us. S
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