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  1. Any recommendations for a nice dinner (night before cruise) in the area of Marriott Biscayne Bay? Don't mind taking and UBER if ncessary. We enjoy very good Italian or any other highly recommended options. Where do you go? S
  2. So crazy, I think some people will be like oh well I got the majority of it back. Nope, they cancelled they owe 100%.
  3. Contact TA this morning who already reached out to Celebrity. This was a penalty, held in error due to their cancellation, and has been released for refund. They did say it could take an additional "few" weeks to process. But, at least my full refund is processed. Glad you suggested to call versus waiting. We will cruise again, once things calm down and we know more about this virus. Sheila
  4. Thank you for the guidance Harris. I appreciate you sharing these thoughts with me. Sheila
  5. Cruise Original Date = 5/2/2020 Celebrity Cancelled Cruise = 3/24/2020 Requested Refund through TA = 3/24/2020 Celebrity Sent Cruise Cancellation Paperwork = 3/25/2020 50 Calendar Days Later Refund Received in 3 Different Payments but short $249 Will wait a week to see if the additional missing shows and then call Celebrity if not refunded.
  6. This was direct from the ship - I have a friend cruising. So if no one has been tested, than folks should stop assuming it's corona. The hysteria is out of control.
  7. No Corona, had been cleared by Coast Guard and CDC. Governor closed the port and would not allow disembark. Headed to FLL and will arrive Monday mid day.
  8. I have no intentions of cancelling our May cruise. With that said, I will have no choice if Celebrity cancels, which I can live with, but prefer to go on our cruise. We are early 50s and low risk.
  9. My TA isn't a friend, but she's booked my last 3 cruises. I sent her a not early in the week to tell her how much she is appreciated, just because I knew she was dealing with so much. A kind word or thought is always appreciated.
  10. Princess has also shut down cruises for 60 days.
  11. Pre-Market opening down to $33 WOW!
  12. If you buy in, be in for the long haul could take a couple years to come back.
  13. Below $50 in pre-trading. Might have to jump on this one now.
  14. CRUISING! We are in a low-risk category and love cruising. Will take all precautions (wipe downs, extensive hand washing, etc) and we will enjoy our vacation. Each individual has to make their own decision, but for us we are going! Sheila
  15. Exactly my point. My husband and I are extremely low risk and will not be cancelling. Just think it's the right thing to do to show commitment to passengers committed to their brand. This of course is my opinion only.
  16. Someone posted earlier 25% refund and OBC on current cruise.
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