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  1. I've always asked the Maître D and been given one.
  2. You can also change it after the fact (i didn't see an option while doing it the first time). I didn't like ours so uploaded photos I liked of hubby and I once we were done.
  3. Our express pass definitely shows PALL and our sailing is May 2nd.
  4. Interesting, I want to move up but didn't get the email. Good luck.
  5. Yes, then can be deducted daily until OBC is depleted.
  6. Great review! Thank you for sharing your observations!
  7. They were great and adhered to the time. Cannot recommend them enough.
  8. I've been on S-Class Silhouette and FOS - I think these both would be geared more towards the 20-somethings. Dining options are limited on M-Class and don't have some of the "adventurous" items available. Just my opinion.
  9. I am from Maine and I can tell you the tails I was served were definitely NOT from Maine.
  10. GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing this, will definitely be using it!
  11. Had to look up the pyramid house - it's an Art Gallery - who knew. https://www.waymarking.com/waymarks/WM2RH5_Castries_St_Lucia
  12. If you see a price you like put a courtesy hold (24 hours) - that way you can prove you had that offered. I'm not sure if you have PDFs if they would be honored, maybe someone else knows.
  13. Yum! Can't wait to have some of these in May.
  14. MY last Celebrity cruise it was definitely fresh squeezed from the juicer in the buffet.
  15. Yes, with the Premium Package you can order Fresh Juice and Smoothies. it's also available in the Refreshment Package, but not the Classic Beverage Package.
  16. Thank you for the quick replies. Yes we will have the unlimited package as part of our perks. Much appreciated.
  17. Can you please share your recent experience of internet on the Summit? I'm curious if we would be able to stream movies at night in our room or not. I'm also curious about WIFI calling - thoughts? Thanks for feedback. Sheila
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