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  1. Can I ask which cruise you were booked on? It was L2007 - Introduction to Iceland leaving from Newcastle on 6th May 2020
  2. Good news, I got my refund back on to my credit card this morning. I had booked direct with Fred Olsen, if that makes any difference.
  3. Anyone got their refund for their cancelled cruise? I haven't
  4. My wife and I were on the Magellan cruise from Dundee to Iceland in June last year and quite a lot of passengers were coughing and had chest infections. It was blamed on the air condition. When the ship reached Shetland on the way back the chemists and shops were emptied of cough medicine and cough sweets. My wife was also coughing wheezing and feeling tired but managed to survive until we reached home but ended up on antibiotics for a fortnight. Someone died on that cruise as well so the ship became the death ship. I have been on other cruises and even when there was a few cases of nova virus there weren't as many people feeling ill as when we were on Magellan. I also felt that the personnel manager was not very helpful. I'm going on another cruise in May but it in not with Cruise and Maritime. We have been on over 15 cruises mostly on Fred Olsen ships but Cruise and Maritime's Magellan was the worst ship we had been on for hygiene as one of the toilets smelled terrible even after a crew member practically living in it to keep it clean.
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