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  1. 10 hours ago, sunny88 said:

    We are close to 7 Mo. mark, cancelled mid-May trip on March 19th.  Got partial refund after 6 Mo.  still waiting for our FCDs.

    Called Princess monthly got typical answers, either "talk to your TA", or "you will get refund, just do not know when", only one Princess Rep was very helpful, he sent a note to management team to review, that's how we got our partial refunds.   But still not the whole refund. Costco did not help at all, would not book with them again. I remove all the promotion emails from Princess, not interested deal with them for a while, but they still owe us money, so we may have to travel with them once just to get our money back.  I wonder how many cruisers will give up on Princess for the poor customer services.


    How and who did you contact the Exec. office?  

    We called customer relation once 3 months ago, she was rude and not helping at all, just said talk to you TA.  So we are still waiting for the remaining refunds.


    csteinke@princesscruises.com  - I got that e-mail address here & I did receive a response.  GOOD LUCK.

  2. Coming up on SEVEN month mark soon from date of cancellation & it looks like Princess is FINALLY going to try to make me "WHOLE" again for my cancelled May cruise to Mexico... I was finally able to get in touch with someone in the Exec. Office who was very nice and is working on the remaining difference between the amount paid versus what I got back from the credit card dispute.  I do appreciate it. That said, we will NOT be sailing again on Princess, not planning another cruise for quite some time until all the madness is behind us & we see how the world recovers.  Good luck to all & stay safe folks

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  3. Thank you all for your opinions 😀 Appreciate very much.  We are not going for a couple of years so will revisit this thread in a year when thinking about booking... hopefully, the world (and cruising) will be in a better place then. Happy Sailing!

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  4. I cancelled on March 7th for a May 12th sailing... so I guess I am near 116 days???


    I have had 2 refunds of $200 for deposits put down in Jan. for BSE sailings for 2021 & 2022 sailings that I cancelled in May.

    Nothing for the cancelled cruise.  I filed with my credit card (BofA) in late March & was notified on May 2 that I had received provisional credit for my final payment which was the majority of the cost, less an FCD.  It will hopefully become "final" tomorrow.  After that, I am also going to sever that bank relationship as well, as they are pretty awful too.


    IF we ever sail again - and that is a BIG if - it will likely be on somebody like Regent or Seabourn, etc....  we are done with mass-market cruises forever.   I wish all of you the very best of luck in getting your refunds.  This is an awful situation compounded by greed and avarice and forever tarnishes the memories that a lot of us have of our cruise vacations.  

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  5. I cancelled on March 6th for a May 12th sailing. I have never gotten my refund from Princess. I lost track of how long it's been now - more than 90 days, for sure...   I DID get most of my money back from a credit card dispute.  I honestly don't think I will ever see anything back from Princess ever... But I am done with them FOREVER...  In a couple of years, we are having our 25th, and may consider a "luxury line" such as Regent, if any line survives...

    Good Luck all

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  6. Thank you Travelcat 2 for your very detailed explanation of the two lines - it is very helpful & appreciated!  As I have only sailed on Princess before (once to AK) , I do not have much to compare with.  You make a very compelling case for Regent!  I don't think I would care for a class system - have seen enough of that on Princess when we did the mini-suites vs full suites. And I would like a full BR.  Our 25th anniversary would be our third trip to Alaska (one cruise on Princess and a land trip years ago) and  we are really intrigued at the luxury line appeal after being so let down this year by P.C.  Greatly appreciate your advice!

  7. Interested. Former Princess cruiser.  Looking at either Oceania or Regent for our 25th in a couple of years. Both seem to sail LA to Alaska, so we'd only have to fly one-way.  Been to Glacier Bay before, so not a deal-breaker for us - interested in the experience.  Appreciate advice - not going to book for another year or so... just checking things out right now.  TY

  8. Replying to the OP only.  I filed a credit card dispute for my May 2nd cancelled Princess cruise with Bank of America on March 31.  I filed on-line and followed up with a phone call (less than pleasant).  I got several snail mails stating they were "working on it" .  On May 6th, I got a e-mail that there was an "update" on it.  I logged into my account and read that BofA had found in my favor and given me the credit "provisionally" - which means Princess can still try to claw it back, I suppose?  But what would their position be - I have neither the goods (cruise) nor money (refund).  The credit is posted in my credit card account and available to me right now.  I hope this is helpful to you.  Good Luck!

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  9. 4 minutes ago, LDVinNC said:


    I am a little confused - you say they "resolved" it but the credit is provisional?  Sounds like they accepted it and are giving you the credit while they work with Princess on it, so it is not finalized.  Or perhaps I am misunderstanding?


    My bad - you are correct - they can still take it away if Princess puts up a fight, as Saragasso Pirate who I quoted explained... And I'm done here... over & out

  10. 2 hours ago, SargassoPirate said:

    I filed a dispute with my credit card company some time ago and received a provisional credit to my account.  The clock with the credit card company started running on that day and the merchant has a certain period to repond or the credit card company will automatically credit the account.  At least that's what happened last time I had to file a dispute and a Mr. Patel who overcharged me at his hotel never bothered to respond.  When the credit card company's clock ran out, I received a full credit for the overcharge.


    If Princess is hoping to reset their refund clock with yesterday's email, all the better for me since the credit card company's clock is still running.


    I guess time will tell.....no pun intended.


    I just received notice from my Bank this morning that they had also resolved my credit card dispute against Princess in my favor as well, also with the same "provisional" conditions (45 days).  Hopefully, I will get to keep the money which was my final deposit paid in late Jan. for a May 2 sailing on the Royal (cancelled Mar. 6) - bank dispute filed March 31 .  This may be the only money I ever get back and if it holds I will be thrilled to have it.


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