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  1. I admittedly have not read all the responses so this may have been mentioned, however, if flying to Seattle (more likely to find a direct flight or one stop with shorter flights) is more palatable, the train from Seattle to Vancouver is easy, follows the northern Washington coastline most of the way and is an experience I would do again. I did it with an 8 and 12 year old and both would recommend it as the scenery is a nice way to get ready for an Alaskan cruise. Vancouver is also a not to miss city if you have the opportunity.
  2. Okay I guess that means I need to call...can’t wait...sounds like they can be moved to 2022. I realize the letter language alludes to that but does not state it as “lift and shift.”
  3. Okay I got the email but I didn’t get lift and shift out of it. Did I misread it? (We were a Seattle based cruise so technically “on hold” per the email.)
  4. Awesome, thank you. I thought mine was refundable but was starting to second guess it. Guess I’m free to wait until before my PIF date for Celebrity to cancel or for me to cancel. Sad that I’m excited by that. 🙂
  5. How does one tell whether their booked cruise has a refundable or non refundable deposit? My confirmation guest invoice doesn’t indicate that I can see nor does my reservation on my Celebrity Account. Thanks for any pointers in locating this...maybe I need new glasses. 😂
  6. Definitely got a lot of thoughts that rival mine here. I was hopeful there was some metrics/logic that had played into the cancellation of the May/June cruises that could be extrapolated out to ponder July/August and beyond, but apparently not. Oh well, I'll wait and see until April then make a decision at final payment. I'm guessing we will have a much more solid idea of the likelihood and what the end result of a cruise during that time would be/look like, etc.
  7. I'm in with that plan. It did seem to me that they had canceled some earlier Alaskan cruises and I was curious to understand why those and not into July, but perhaps there's no definitive answer on that at this time. For now, I'll just hope by 7N out of Seattle is a go. 🙂 Worst case scenario, it gets moved to 2022 and I hope I'll be able to go then. Not much control otherwise.
  8. Looks like a few factors may play against this being a reality. That’s what I thought...guessing it makes sense to wait and see what kind of cancellation bonuses we might get versus lift and shift since we are still way more than 90 days out. One of us has been vaccinated, the other on a list for vaccination so we are still considering going as a possibility. If we have to wait a year, so be it.
  9. My apologies...title should say predictions..I can’t seem to figure out how to edit.
  10. Okay, I 100% realize any future itinerary prediction at this juncture is pure speculation, however...thoughts on when a cancellation might occur/likelihood of cancellation occurring on July Alaskan cruises out of Seattle? I’ve been loosely following the early season cancellations but don’t know when those happened/what precipitated them/etc.
  11. I am okay with most of these, but agree that they seem "obvious" for lack of a better word. The one thing that would be frustrating for me is to have to choose between staying on board at a port and essentially participating in a cruise line sponsored tour. I have almost exclusively participated in my own, self-directed nature hikes when in ports. Rarely encountering people in close proximity, so to have to participate in an over priced group activity holds no real appeal to me. I guess I'd rather stay on the ship.
  12. I have had a good experience at Canada Place -- flawless, but I stayed in the Pan Pacific Hotel which is right at the cruise terminal. Our bags went from our room at the hotel to our room on the ship without us doing anything. Crowds were minimal, but I'm more of a 2000 passenger ship person so perhaps that makes a difference. I thought it was an awesome cruise terminal. So, I guess it depends on your personal experiences.
  13. I'd sail out of Seattle without major hesitation right now, but I'd also be okay with a swap to Vancouver as I much prefer Vancouver to Seattle, although both are great cities. If I was sailing out of Vancouver I would very purposely take the train from Seattle to Vancouver as I have found that several hour trip to be one of my more memorable aspects of a trip, but it's all personal opinion and comfort.
  14. We would happily take tests if that is what is mandated and/or recommended. I do not in any way believe that will mitigate cases to any large degree as tests are a measure at a point in time. With a vaccine we will cruise (hopeful for July 2021, but realistic that it might not happen.) We would also wear masks as needed and social distance as needed. We purposely booked an Alaskan cruise in a suite as 3/4 of our party has been on an Alaskan cruise and feel we could still have a good time between our two suites without much need for activity on the ship per se. I found in Alaska the pool us
  15. I did the first Power Up option, but this last one doesn't work because I don't have social media due to my job. Guess I'll be racking up the points slowly. 🙂. First one was simply just a marketing "ploy" to gauge the thinking of the most loyal of their guests. I bought in... 🙂
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