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  1. Why not just run an antibodies test at embarkation or require test results within a week of etc.?
  2. My family all got Covid in December. My daughter was recently tested for antibodies and they are still present. We choose not to get the Covid vaccine because we have already caught it. The millions that have caught and beaten the virus naturally need to be counted towards this "magical herd immunity" As far as unvaccinated on cruises have you flown recently? Just spent 3 hours on a plane. You are required to wear a mask for your safety but if you eat a snack the entire flight you are somehow magically protected from Covid.
  3. I filled out a refund request 2 days after it was announced we could trade our FCC for our original cash payments back. We have had no reply yet. Has anyone filled out the refund request and heard back?
  4. Thank you. Exactly what I was looking for. It will be interesting if our Thanksgiving cruise is within 60 days and they extend the vaccine requirements.
  5. I have heard people mention this before but have never seen any reports of large reinfections. I don't see how antibodies from a dead virus made in a lab would be better than your body naturally creating due to infection. If the immunity is temporary get ready for annual covid shots.
  6. Those school vaccinations have been around for decades. Our family caught Covid in mid-December. If our bodies have fought the actual virus what does the point in injecting yourself with something created in less than a year and no long term statistics? We called NCL yesterday and the agent said there is a link to a form that you can opt out of the cruises. We couldn't find it but we are curious if The vaccine is mandatory past October and are 13-year-old cannot travel Will they simply give us our money back. I don't see how you can hold on and force more FCC if you change the requirements to
  7. I wish they would have extended this for the entire year. I wonder if you refuse to sail vaccinated they refund your money? That's all we want. Taking the fcc in March 2020 was a bad idea but then we were being told "2 weeks to flatten the curve."
  8. Our family of 4 got Covid in December. We cruise this Thanksgiving and will not be getting vaccines. I hope that NCL, if requiring vaccines to travel, will allow us to get our original $$ back from March 2020 cruise. We took the FCC when we rebooked our March cruise to Thanksgiving 2020. Nobody in March expected this to go on this long. We should have asked for a refund originally. Since then our money has been held hostage.
  9. Sucks. Our cruise in March 2020 was cancelled the day before sailing. We rebooked with the 150% FCC thinking that if the next cruise, Thanksgiving, was cancelled we could at the least get our initial cash investment back. How wrong we were. I guess they get to hold on to my $3800 even longer.
  10. Are they saying why it's closed? Is it because of the virus or is it standard practice on a port day? I called customer service and explained my concerns, we leave Saturday, she said there was no policy yet that stated those activities are shut down for good. I'm sure if there was a policy they wouldn't bother telling us anyways until we get on the ship. It scares me that two ships now are doing the same closings.
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