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  1. Well i had to look that one up lol. Clearly my coffee has not kicked in. Should prob switch over to alcohol
  2. Sigh. We are on the fence. We might get a refund this time. We don't have the time to cruise in the fall and next year's rates seem high to me.
  3. Booked for the Magic on July 4! Still hanging on to a thread of hope. Would be our first time on Dream class. It's our 3rd rebooked Covid cruise.
  4. I do not have insurance and it has not been any issue. My PVP just keeps moving the same money to the next date. No new deposits, nothing additional.
  5. I sure hope so! But it's the same as it was for my previous 2 cancelled cruises. Take all cruises down to control inventory then cancel in a few days. Heald, PVPs, and others have to continue the same song and dance of optimism, probably contractually. But if it sails, I'll gladly be one of the first.
  6. I truly hope it is to control capacity. I am so ready to cruise! My head tells me it's going to be cancelled though 😔
  7. The question is can you afford for that money to be tied up? If yes, then yes. If no, then no. I have booked 3 Covid Cruises. The first was a deal that I could not pass up. Now, the money is gone and tied up. Since I had already spent the money, I am ok with not having a refund and having $600 obc. If my next one is cancelled though, I think I am asking for a refund.
  8. Remove Nassau from any itinerary. That'll improve it! Seriously though, agree with this is the time to freshen things up. It's the cruisers with many under their belts who are going to be the ones on ships to start. I'd like to see a Western that includes Key West, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, and either Mahogany Bay or Belize. Eastern to include HMC, Grand Turk, St. Thomas, San Juan Southern- make it a 9 day ABC plus one (HMC, GT, AC) More Bermuda options from Florida.
  9. We RV whenever we can. Heading out this weekend.
  10. Agree on all counts. Booked for July 4th. Someone had to be one of the first.
  11. Blue Iguana Breakfast Burrito Serenity Lounge chair plus drink maybe a nap Guys Burger for lunch around 2 Lounge chair plus drink maybe a nap Steakhouse dinner, drink Comedy show, drink Piano Bar, drink Atrium show, drink Comedy show, drink 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣
  12. One of my favorites was actually on board the Sensation in the main theater leaving Cozumel. We were sitting waiting for a show and apparently the ship was sort of stuck. We were rocking back and forth and were watching the lights on the dock from the windows. They went doooowwwwnnnnnn then back uuuuuppppp and if that didn't make us seasick, we think we can survive anything! It was so funny to see how drastically we were rocking!
  13. I pick Breeze because it is the same itinerary I hope to be going on on the Magic. Everyone loves the Breeze and i think it gives you your beach days, snorkel days, and adventure day. 2nd choice Radiance to Aruba. I am in the minority, but I felt like St. Kitts was one and done. We also did not have the amazing time that most seem to have in St. Maarten. Many will disagree with that.
  14. I should be fixing a Guy's Burger right about now...
  15. I spoke to my PVP about this yesterday and she said the new system was full of issues and was not functional yet on their side.
  16. Were you cancelled? If you chose OBC, have you rebooked and for when? We were cancelled twice now (March 30 6 day Horizon, May 29 Horizon 8 day Southern) and rebooked for July (Magic 8 day Southern) Someone has to be one of the first and I hope to be one of them.
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