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  1. I wished I still didn't know.:eek: (I'm just the curious sort who actually look things up , I should have known better when it couldn't be told on CC) Sometimes there is just toooooo much information out there. :o LOL
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    Toddlers - Swimming Pools

    Just wonder if they were to do a survey of the passengers who got ill on a ship who had an outbreak of noro or any illness ,if they had been in the pool and on what days what the result would be? Could it have been spread through the pool as apposed to just the ships surfaces? I would hope that the CDC and the cruise lines would take a second look at this. I, also had a scare when my DD attended a waterpark when she was 8 . On the day she attended ,several children had gotten very sick and one almost died from e coli contamination. She was in the hospital for weeks .I found out about this on the news the next day .I asked her had she been to that part of the park and she said no . I still watched her to make sure she showed no signs of sickness. Needless to say, she never went back. The illness was caused by fecal matter in the water,and the park was sited for not having enough chlorine to treat the pool area. I do not want to go through that again ,and I would hope, and hope no one would else would risk putting anyone through that. Whether it is adults , teens, children ,or parents who just want their babies to have a little splash time. Please , Please , Please, consider the consequences of what could happen, not only to others ,but to you and your family as well.