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  1. Are the shows any different than what they would have normally had on a Quantum Singapore Sailing? We've been looking at a 2021 Symphony sailing but Hairspray/Flight 1977 are things that we'd rather wait for, if they're not going to have those types of performances for a bit.
  2. The only individual performers/no group shoes would really detract from the Oasis class experience. No Studio B shows, or aquatheater, or Broadway shows, or the Royal Exclusive ones. And I'm guessing The Quest is out the window too.
  3. I really hope that between the face shields and everyone treating each other like lepers, getting to know crew and making conversation isn't a casualty. I feel as though when the crew are away from home for so long, it helps them to form relationships with guests as well.
  4. I would have figured the Oasis class would offer better economics, social distancing, and be better destinations
  5. Where are you seeing that Disney cancelled all until October? Everything I can find shows 2 ships starting in August.
  6. The fact that Disney specifically chose not to cancel sailings for 2 of their ships in August makes me have some hope.
  7. Millennium Class and Radiance Class (not sure if all), plus a few Princess and Holland America ships use the GE Turbines. Definitely curious to hear what he could be doing for NCL though. Thanks for the update!
  8. Am I misreading something? The way I'm reading it, it appears that 8 ships including Dream, Vista, Elation, etc are only cancelled until July 31
  9. When you say they "were" going to start with 8 ships in August, are you saying that currently that's no longer the plan?
  10. Big difference between a supply limited commodity and a very optional vacation product. Plus Disney and Virgin, among others, would be a good balance.
  11. Is it any worse than Royal continuing to sell cruises they know will be cancelled so that they can bring in cash? Or any worse than them waiting to cancel cruises in the hopes that people will self-cancel and take a FCC instead of being eligible for a cash refund?
  12. I wonder if that's due to the direct effects of CV or due to oversupply of rooms due to the effects? Interesting that they didn't suggest booking at either another Marriott property or a hotel owned by the same company.
  13. Their extended suspension says New England cruises are cancelled until July 1. Does that include the Oasis departures in June from NJ that don't have a Canadian stop?
  14. Their extended suspension says New England cruises are cancelled until July 1. Does that include the Oasis departures in June?
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