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  1. Unless and until there is 1)safe and 2)effective vaccine, we are not stepping onto another cruise ship! This morning (Today Show and CNN), there is news of two more cruise ships with 4 dead, 2 tested positive for SARS-Cov-2 and at least 189 people suffering from flu-like symptoms on board as of Monday, 30 March according to CNN.
  2. Oceania has not provided any documentation to us that indicates we have FCC. There is nothing showing in our online account either.
  3. Hey if anyone on the board received a future cruise credit, could you please scan and post a copy of what was sent to you as proof you have a credit for a future cruise. Thank you!
  4. As far as I know, all cruise lines have cancelled all cruises. So Oceania has cancelled all of their cruises including the one we were planning to take.
  5. Got one over or got back what is rightfully mine. They provided no services whatsoever. So why should they get to retain 100% of anyone's money?
  6. Oceania cancelled the cruise. So disputed based on non-delivery of services. We were duped into accepting the only thing being offered at the time which was a future cruise credit. There was no active choice on our part. They dictated the terms. We will never be on another cruise after what we are now seeing. There are still cruise ships with passengers on them according to the Guardian as of this morning, and some have active coronavirus cases (CNN yesterday). There are still at least 10 ships and about 10,000 passengers at sea because their destinations are refusing them. There are also 3 to
  7. I simply disputed the charge with my credit card company. They immediately deducted the charges and said they would investigate with the merchant. Yesterday my credit card company closed the dispute as settled and the refund remained on my credit card. That was for the full fare for the cruise as we had paid it back in October 2019.
  8. After the way they have handled this, they're all a bunch of crooks! (-:
  9. Under false pretenses. The agents were sent an email and told to lie to customers.
  10. Stocks of cruise lines have collapsed and now there are lawsuits against them including NCL which owns Oceania for instructing their agents to lie to customers who called to cancel or were on the fence about booking. They are culpable and if they go BK, and for those of us who have their "FCC" - we are royally screwed! Call your credit card company and dispute the charges. https://www.miaminewtimes.com/news/coronavirus-norwegian-cruise-line-leaked-emails-show-booking-strategy-11590056
  11. See the lawsuit that was filed against NCL (which owns Oceania). They provided agents with scripted lies to communicate to customers who were either calling to cancel or tentative about booking. There is definitely support on your point that they would *not* make a responsible decision for any of our well-being. https://www.miaminewtimes.com/news/coronavirus-norwegian-cruise-line-leaked-emails-show-booking-strategy-11590056
  12. This is a board focussed on Oceania - what we know is a money grubbing corporate giant who is about to face Bankruptcy and many of us are likely to loose the FCC they duped some us into by not disclosed the credit refund option. This issues occupies about 1% of what i have going on. You don't know the rest of anyone's lives so to sit in judgement is ill informed. My sister is a doctor in NYC and has been working 24 hours around the clock. She has been exposed and is hoping she doesn't get taken out because there will be one less person to help the truly sick and needy.
  13. Precisely why I do not want to sit with FCC - they could likely go BK!
  14. The issue is that Oceana did not fully disclose the options. They initially only offered FCC. It was on March 6 when they also offered refunds. So they did not fully disclose all the material facts to every cruiser which is fraudulent. They will pay for it though.
  15. I will never cruise with them again after this experience and I will be blogging about how dishonest they are to deal with.
  16. In the same boat as you! They cannot really change their policy like that and then exclude a class (or group) of people in a way that disadvantages that class of people. I have a call in to my lawyer to see what I can do.
  17. It depends on the point of departure. More countries are electronic and networked so immigration officers can see a list of countries where the passport has been scanned. I'm not sure how that works on the cuise ship. When I was on Marina last year for the Baltic cruise, I only had to show my passport to immigration officers in St. Petersburg, but none of the other countries. But Oceania has the passport number stored in their system so its possible they could convey that file to the immigration office of each country where the ship docks. Not sure though, and would be curious if anyone else
  18. Would agree on the transmission side of this virus vs. Ebola, but definitely not the same mortality rate. Ebola is like 80% fatal.
  19. Yes the immigration officers at your point of entry to the US will ask where you have been even though the US-inbound flight originated from London. When you complete the immigration form (either through Global Entry or the Mobile Passport app), you will have to provide all other countries visited on this trip.
  20. I'm not even worried about catching the Wuhan Flu. I think it's all being over-hyped by media. What really worries us is if the ship is locked down in a quarantine or if we get to a port and they refuse docking. Those are the more concerning possibilities that could ruin the whole experience for us.
  21. I live in Southern California on the coast and sometimes in the desert (Palm Springs) and there are cases there and one admitted to the hospital in Rancho Mirage. So I'm not too sure given how hot it's been if the warm weather will have the same impact on Wuhan Flu as it does on other coronaviruses like the common cold or influenza. Dr. Anthony Faucci on CNN last night said they do not know enough about this virus to claim that it will subside in warm weather and that is an assumption that might not prove true for the Wuhan Flu.
  22. Does anyone know what happens to any pre-booked excursions / cooking classes, etc.? Will Oceania issue future cruise credit or refund or is the money lost? Thanks!
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