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  1. Oceania cancelled the cruise. So disputed based on non-delivery of services. We were duped into accepting the only thing being offered at the time which was a future cruise credit. There was no active choice on our part. They dictated the terms. We will never be on another cruise after what we are now seeing. There are still cruise ships with passengers on them according to the Guardian as of this morning, and some have active coronavirus cases (CNN yesterday). There are still at least 10 ships and about 10,000 passengers at sea because their destinations are refusing them. There are also 3 to 5 ships off the coast of Florida trying to dock there. The cornavirus has been found to be alive on ship surfaces on the Princess a full 17 days after the pax were taken off! Further NCLH which owns Oceania is headquartered in the Bahamas. Almost all cruise lines are headquartered in countries to avoid paying US/UK tax and to avoid compliance with US/UK labor laws. See Wall Street Journal article published yesterday regarding this topic. "Big Cruise-Ship Lines Wouldn't Qualify for Aid Under Stimulus Package".  That means it would be difficult to get any money back from them if they use BK to restructure their debts.

  2. 5 hours ago, MadManOfBethesda said:




    I seriously doubt that the cruise lines are going to go out of business.  If they end up filing for bankruptcy, it will be under Chapter 11, not Chapter 7.  Stockholders will most likely be wiped out, but I doubt that they'd do anything to hurt customers, such as wiping out FCC.  That would actually be counterproductive.  For comparison purposes, I would look to what's happened in the past when airlines filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 11.  Although not an exact comparison, frequent flyer miles remained intact. 



    Stocks of cruise lines have collapsed and now there are lawsuits against them including NCL which owns Oceania for instructing their agents to lie to customers who called to cancel or were on the fence about booking. They are culpable and if they go BK, and for those of us who have their "FCC" - we are royally screwed! Call your credit card company and dispute the charges.





  3. On 3/17/2020 at 6:34 AM, Wishing on a star said:

    I am not so sure that they would make the responsible decision and not risk my well being when deciding that a cruise would “go” or not.   In fact, quite the opposite. 


    They did did not cancel anything, did they, until forced by Presidential Order.   Shouldn’t a company have more concern than the President.  Having to force him to step in. 


    It really is that simple. 


    It it is not appropriate to place concerned customers with bookings in that position and then play these policy games. 


    Even more more especially with the usual older demographic. 

    See the lawsuit that was filed against NCL (which owns Oceania). They provided agents with scripted lies to communicate to customers who were either calling to cancel or tentative about booking. There is definitely support on your point that they would *not* make a responsible decision for any of our well-being.





  4. 50 minutes ago, eldaradoe said:

    And while you all cry because you didn't get what you want stop and think of how many people are joining the unemployment ranks....and more importantly how many people are dying!! Most of us are retired and can afford this lttle hit in the pocket if you can even call it that....why not think of all the less fortunate and those that are sick! IMHO


    This is a board focussed on Oceania - what we know is a money grubbing corporate giant who is about to face Bankruptcy and many of us are likely to loose the FCC they duped some us into by not disclosed the credit refund option. This issues occupies about 1% of what i have going on. You don't know the rest of anyone's lives so to sit in judgement is ill informed. My sister is a doctor in NYC and has been working 24 hours around the clock. She has been exposed and is hoping she doesn't get taken out because there will be one less person to help the truly sick and needy.

  5. On 3/16/2020 at 2:31 PM, Paulchili said:

    I can see both points of view.

    If OP has not received the FCC as yet then the "transaction" is not completed and all passengers on the same cancelled cruise should be compensated equally. If the FCC was already given, then it's akin to making a final payment after which changes cannot be made; conversely, before "final payment" changes to fare (in this case compensation) should be allowed.

    The issue is that Oceana did not fully disclose the options. They initially only offered FCC. It was on March 6 when they also offered refunds. So they did not fully disclose all the material facts to every cruiser which is fraudulent. They will pay for it though.

  6. On 3/16/2020 at 2:06 PM, Sun Queen II said:

    So here is the latest news regarding Oceania’s new policy for FCC vs Refund.  And I have to say, it is very unfair.  When we received the first notice a couple of weeks ago that we could cancel our upcoming (March 21) cruise, we decided to cancel right away and take the FCC, as that was all that was offered, and we have health issues, and wanted to stay safe.  We spoke with our TA at Oceania and assumed that if any new Oceania policy changes took place that we would be included in those.  


    Turns out, we were wrong.  We cancelled our cruise on March 7th, 6 days later Oceania came out with offers that included FCC at 150%, or 125% (depending on your cruise), or a full 100% refund (this was on March 13th).  The loop hole is that the new message says “anyone currently booked”, and when we finally got through today to ask for the refund that was now offered, we were told because we were proactive and cancelled 6 days before, that we are not entitled to a refund, nor to the 150% FCC.  


    We have never cruised with Oceania, this was to be our first, but I have to say that the way they are handling this, we will never cruise with them after this.


    Has anyone else experienced something similar?  

    In the same boat as you! They cannot really change their policy like that and then exclude a class (or group) of people in a way that disadvantages that class of people. I have a call in to my lawyer to see what I can do.

  7. It depends on the point of departure. More countries are electronic and networked so immigration officers can see a list of countries where the passport has been scanned. I'm not sure how that works on the cuise ship. When I was on Marina last year for the Baltic cruise, I only had to show my passport to immigration officers in St. Petersburg, but none of the other countries.  But Oceania has the passport number stored in their system so its possible they could convey that file to the immigration office of each country where the ship docks. Not sure though, and would be curious if anyone else does know how that works.  It would be risky to take a chance on not reporting something at immigration.

  8. 20 hours ago, Paulchili said:

    That and what about someone flying from Madrid (or any other place in Europe) to US via London. Since that would be a flight from London it would be allowed to land here and how could anybody know where the passengers on this flight originated from (if flying on a separate ticket). Even if it is a connecting flight, would an immigration officer know where the passenger is from or would just having an EU passport prohibit you from arriving in US?

    BTW, flights to/from S. Korea are not banned, AFAIK.

    Yes the immigration officers at your point of entry to the US will ask where you have been even though the US-inbound flight originated from London. When you complete the immigration form (either through Global Entry or the Mobile Passport app), you will have to provide all other countries visited on this trip.

  9. I'm not even worried about catching the Wuhan Flu. I think it's all being over-hyped by media. What really worries us is if the ship is locked down in a quarantine or if we get to a port and they refuse docking. Those are the more concerning possibilities that could ruin the whole experience for us.

  10. On 3/2/2020 at 3:46 PM, drkitkat123 said:

    Thanks but "warmer weather"? Half the world is going into winter. How does that even make sense?

    I live in Southern California on the coast and sometimes in the desert (Palm Springs) and there are cases there and one admitted to the hospital in Rancho Mirage. So I'm not too sure given how hot it's been if the warm weather will have the same impact on Wuhan Flu as it does on other coronaviruses like the common cold or influenza.  Dr. Anthony Faucci on CNN last night said they do not know enough about this virus to claim that it will subside in warm weather and that is an assumption that might not prove true for the Wuhan Flu.

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