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  1. That's brand new news for Norwegian, because that wasn't the case just 4 days ago. Thank you for the clarification.
  2. I wasn't clear in what I wrote. Celebrity put out a news notice that gave the two choices - cancel now and get a 100% refund, or wait and get 125%. I get that, fully understand that, and accept that. So we took Celebrity up on the deal. That said, their news flash came out 12 hours BEFORE it was put fully into effect. WE DID NOT KNOW THIS. That is why we're angry. Had we known we needed to wait 12 hours (basically the next day) we would have waited and then canceled. Hope this clears it up and brings you "public shamers" down a few notches. By the way, if the cruise lines don't stop burning cash at the rate they're going, eventually they will have to file bankruptcy to get out of it. Royal, I figure, can hang on through the end of the year. Same with Carnival. Not true for some of the other lines, like Norwegian, who are more cash-short and may not make it another 3-4 months. Good luck with that.
  3. To all Celebrity cruisers: Celebrity will NOT refund our cruise money for a sailing we had booked on Celebrity Edge for March 22, 2020. This cruise was part of the first wave of cruises cancelled by Celebrity in early March. When we found out, we called and asked that they cancel our cruise. Turns out we called a few hours before it was official, so what they're saying is that we cannot get our money, and that we're stuck. NEVER will I ever cruise again with Royal Caribbean or Celebrity. NEVER. If this is how they treat their customers (especially all of us in our group, who are Diamond and up), then they deserve to GO OUT OF BUSINESS.
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