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  1. Moscow. I have been to St Petersburg on RCCL and thought it was excellent.
  2. You can buy points then use your points for flights or upgrading your seats. Polly.
  3. Thank you. I love your avatar,what an adorable picture. Polly.
  4. Where's an ambulance chaser when you want one. I am surprised no D+ has took this further.
  5. Suite guests have the DP and unlimited Speciality restaurant access. D+ and Pinnacles have the new improved Loyalty Lounge which replaces the Concierge/Suite Lounge. Diamonds continue with 3 drink vouchers which roll over if any unused any day to a maximum of 21 per week.💓👜 Polly.
  6. Hi Emma. I am from Britain and always go to reception and cancel automatic tips. A lot of my fellow passengers do the same.
  7. Thank you. If cruising starts from Portsmouth we will go there. Usually I go to Westquay shopping centre in Southampton if we are cruising from Southampton.
  8. Is Portsmouth a better shopping town than Southampton?
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