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  1. Nope. I'll wait and spend my limited vacation time elsewhere. I hope I get to cruise again but wearing a mask while on the ship would not feel like a vacation.
  2. Dr. Fauci is solely focused on the virus and not holistically considering how all the actions may affect other aspects of life (to include other illnesses). That is his area so not unexpected but that's why one non-elected bureaucrat should not be responsible for these decisions. His acceptable risk does not seem realistic. Maybe he shouldn't be on TV all the time. People take his words to heart but aren't hearing the other impacts, or other viewpoints for that matter (and there are those with differing views with very respectable credentials).
  3. I voted #1 because if I need a vaccine to return to "normal" then I will take it. #2 implies restrictions which I am not interested in. I'm not eligible for the vaccine at this time so don't have to make a decision yet and am not inclined to rush ahead of others more anxious (in my group - when it's available) while there are no changes to restrictions. If we can infect others even after the vaccine, then those not vaccinated have to make their own risk decisions for themselves. Cruising is not essential so I do not feel obligated to worry about them deciding to take a risk. Of co
  4. I usually tear off a tiny corner of bread so it's not so obvious! The butter is just too yummy to resist. I always end up asking for more (and never double dip😄).
  5. My two SIL got both their shots through their jobs. Both had flu like symptoms after 2nd shot. Older one is 58, lives healthy lifestyle, and was all better a few days later. She had the Pfizer. Younger SIL is 48 and does not live a healthy lifestyle. She had her 2nd shot Monday and after a day in bed she is still complaining about fatigue and a very painful arm. I am not sure which shot she had. She is a bit into histrionics so could easily be exaggerating. My mother and father in-law got their first shots 3 weeks after being diagnosed with COVID (one in bed for almost two weeks
  6. I've never been to the laundry room but couldn't someone be concerned about someone stealing their clothes (especially if it's all they have)? Or do you give your laundry to an employee to handle? Just curious.
  7. I guess for me, I am in a wait and see situation. If a vaccine is required to travel then I will eventually get it. Where I live and work I am months away from having the vaccine available to me. If there are no changes in restrictions I am not in any hurry to get it. I'll let those who are more anxious then me get it first when my group comes up. All medications/vaccines have a risk and if I still have to wear a mask and socially distance it's not worth it to me. Traveling without restrictions would be worth the risk. By the time I am eligible, all those more vulnerable should hav
  8. I have a feeling I would like the coffee options on a European cruise more. They are not afraid of high fat content cream! Unfortunately, when I was stationed in Europe I was not a coffee drinker so didn't get to experiment there. I'm still figuring out what I like. Started out drinking it black but now love the heavy cream. Don't think I will ever like it with sugar.
  9. This is where I am a "coffee" snob. I only enjoy my coffee with a heavy, high fat content cream (it generally also serves as my breakfast). Next cruise I plan to try bringing on my own.
  10. Wow, lot's of different protocols. My mid-80s in-laws were diagnosed with COVID on 22 January (one symptomatic with strong flu-like symptoms, the other asymptomatic - only tested due to symptomatic one testing positive). After 2 weeks of recovery (and the antibody "cocktail" for the symptomatic one) they got their first Pfizer shot on 15 February. They did not have any issues/reaction...
  11. Schrodinger's Cat continues to be discussed/debated. Here is a recent article on the subject. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/this-twist-on-schroedingers-cat-paradox-has-major-implications-for-quantum-theory/ If anything, Schrodinger's Cat has taught me that nothing is settled (except death and taxes 🤣) Here's a book I liked on the subject.
  12. I would have to say itinerary. Itinerary preference includes there being no more than one sea day if the ship is not that great. Of course even with a great ship I would not want more than 2 sea days on a 7 day cruise.
  13. This is why it's hard to have a real discussion. If anyone has any questions about the vaccines or COVID restrictions this is how they are labeled. Science requires debate.
  14. Thank you, I was merely pointing out why some might think the vaccine could be required 4 times a year. I have no doubt the recommendations will continue to be updated.
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