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  1. I have to agree that I have trepidations about the Quantum class. I like a lot of the ideas but it just seems like there would be a lot of waiting in line to do the fun stuff. How are the lines for the bumper cars, iFly and The Eye? Do they have a setup with times where you don't have to waste time standing in line? Thanks!
  2. Yes, it is often hard to tell which is junk science. I also think it's very difficult for any scientist, good or bad, to eliminate all confirmation bias in their study. I do think we are seeing a lot of that now, otherwise we wouldn't be trying to shut people down for asking questions (not referring to you). Years ago I read an interesting article on the fallacy of many studies. I think that's why it's important to continue to discuss scientific issues and be careful to call any science "settled". Here is the article: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1182327/
  3. American also requires this. It has definitely gotten more strict. First flight post mask requirements was last September and you could eat your meal without putting your mask up for each bite. Not the case now, at least on the flights I've been on.
  4. I woke up a little after midnight (about 12 hours after shot) with a low grade fever and a headache. I woke up several times throughout the night and drank a bunch of water. When I woke up this morning I took some medicine and feel okay now. Not sure how much of the headache was allergies vs. the shot but the fever felt related to the shot. After a hot shower my arm feels better too.
  5. I second this! I'm from St. Pete and they have really built that area up. For years the Vinoy was just a closed, dilapidated resort. That whole area is beautiful with wonderful restaurants (to include 1st / central avenue area). I also worked for a few years in downtown Tampa but it was more oriented to the weekday business crowd. I know they've built that area up a bit since I left (they were almost finished building the hockey arena) but St. Pete is still my favorite.
  6. I don't remember any of my vaccines in the military being a bad experience but I did get my arm butchered one time when blood was drawn (and I have been complimented on my easy access veins many times😄!) It has definitely made me apprehensive of needles since. That being said, I just got back and they were extremely organized and efficient!
  7. I'm scheduled to get my J&J this afternoon. Have to admit I'm a little nervous with it being in the news these last few days. Plus, I'm getting it through the VA so understand all too well bad pokes in military medicine! Mostly because they are often training someone very young.
  8. The fact that the CDC maintains different standards for gangways vs. jetways show they are not being equitable. Heck, gangways have outdoor airflow and jetways very little. Seems jetways would have more restrictions, not the other way around!
  9. Same. I never even looked at cruising until a few years ago. I grew up in Florida so saw plenty of ocean and then have lived all over the place. Now that I am settled on the East Coast I love the idea of experiencing different (warm) islands and I never tire of snorkeling, sailing on a catamaran, looking at turquoise water, and diving. Many of the remaining sites I want to see around the world would not be accessible via ship. Of course, there are many that are that I hope to have the time to try one day! I'd love to do a Greek Island cruise. I lived on Crete for a year but I never
  10. I experienced the same thing. The folks with status on cruise lines have nothing compared to those with airline status that want to make sure no one else boards ahead of them!
  11. I just don't think this applies to international travel or Federal activities. If you fly out of a Florida city you still have to wear a mask at the airport. It's not just a business request. If you refuse they can put you on a no fly list. The EO is meant to prevent people from not being able to go to the grocery store, restaurants, etc. if they choose not to have a vaccination.
  12. I am new to cruising but have travelled to over 40 countries and have lived in 2 other countries. The Caribbean happens to be the least travelled location of the areas I've visited, only 5 Caribbean countries by cruise-only. I always love getting to the sun and beautiful waters so would always be open to a Caribbean cruise. However, when I retire I plan to do more far away cruises in addition to the Caribbean. With 2 working adults, not only are vacation days limited, timing them with our different schedules is challenging. It is very hard for us to get more than a week off togethe
  13. I agree. I am very limited in my cruise experience but have done Celebrity and Carnival. I didn't really notice that much difference in behavior. The Carnival was a 4 day so you would think it would have been even more of a party ship. My friend that wanted us to go with her on the Carnival cruise has status which is why she picked it. She hardly drinks at all. I haven't been to the nightclubs on either so maybe that's why. We got to the Carnival ship around noon and there was no crazy party congo line or anything. I have to admit I was kinda expecting that based on their reputatio
  14. Well, I’m pretty new to leisure cruising but like many other things, I’ve researched the heck out of it so I have opinions! Never again: USS Carl Vinson - at least not working on it! I would definitely due a Tiger Cruise 🤣 Always: One that has a great itinerary, good reputation for food, and good flow so it at least seems not too crowded. I cruised on the Summit; food was yummy and being out of Puerto Rico there were a ton of port calls so would do that again. I would prefer fewer attempts to get us to buy Specialty Dining (though they did get us twice so I guess it wor
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