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  1. I would note that is really for one device at a time. If you don't need to be on wifi 24/7 it is very easy to share.
  2. I didn't eat there once, only got a coffee. My husband did have breakfast there one time while I got a breakfast burrito at Blue Iguana. There really were so many choices. Of course, I'm not really a buffet person but I did want to try the SeaDogs or the shawarma for lunch. I kept getting side tracked by the Pig & Anchor pork butt, Guy's Burgers, Emeril's ceviche, and Blue Iguana tacos. We mostly do the MDR for dinner but did do Cucina one night. Next time!
  3. Bad (or good?) timing. I was on Mardi Gras last week and Breeze was there (along with Symphony of the Seas). This was on the 6th. It didn't feel too crowded but MG was late getting in and we only hung out for a little while before our excursion.
  4. I did not find the mask requirements overwhelming (and I almost cancelled because of it). Of course, many folks may have thought the masks were required in all areas indoors (outside of your cabin). They were not (only “strongly recommended”). The areas that were required were clearly marked “Masks required beyond this point”. Those were in the areas off of the walkways (stores, restaurants, etc.) and the elevators. You did not have to wear the masks walking around the halls or stairs (unless maybe if you walked past the 2 for $20 t-shirt sales in the middle of the walkway, that was the most crowded place I saw!) There were many people wearing masks where not required but there was no confrontation with those that did not wear one in the “recommended” only areas.
  5. We just got back from Mardi Gras and did the "Elite Champagne Catamaran and Snorkel". It was great. One of the women that works in the Adventure Excursion shop was on there with us and she said it's her favorite. It's nice even if you don't like to snorkel. On the 2nd water stop they put out paddle boards and floaties. Really nice time and yummy food. I love champagne but they had all kinds of drinks.
  6. You definitely want to do self assist. We were in a suite so were able to get off at 7:30 but if we had checked bags the night before we would have had to wait until 8:15. I'm sure there are similar delays for all rooms/status. We were in our car leaving the garage at 7:55.
  7. That happened two mornings for us so we decided against getting the coffee again. It worked okay those 2 days since we had early-ish excursions but otherwise, we want to sleep in!
  8. I really liked their French 75, made with cognac instead of gin!
  9. We were there that night and I got the same drink! Probably later than you as it was the hour before our 8:15 dinner. We really enjoyed the solo guitarist (Owen Stephen).
  10. Fortunately, it was not a problem with CVS today here in Northern Virginia. Looking forward to getting on the Mardi Gras Saturday!
  11. I had my appointment this morning and fortunately they had the rapid test (and it was negative). I have no doubt they would have run out of the test if I hadn't ordered the Abbott tests as a backup! Driving over to Reagan Airport was my backup to the backup (at $200 a pop, ouch).
  12. There are a lot of folks saying they were turned down for the rapid test at CVS, even after making the appointment for it. Some were unrelated to cruising but worry about the impact for cruising/travel. Saint Greg has a live Mardi Gras thread going right now and he scheduled the rapid at CVS three days before the cruise and they told him, when he arrived, the rapid test was not available so gave him the PCR. Fortunately, he had a backup at Walmart (or Walgreens, I forget). It was also a PCR test but it came back in 2 days. He got notification for his CVS test after he was already on the boat. I'm sure some are hoping the test results come back before last boarding and just take their chances heading to the port.
  13. If it was due to the test results, it may not have been the passengers' fault. Many people getting the bait and switch on the rapid test when they show up to their appointment. They will take the PCR test but results are often not getting back in time.
  14. Definitely order now, just in case. I had the same timing as sandebeach (supposed to arrive today). They will be my backup to tomorrow's CVS appointment.
  15. I'm so excited there will be ceviche on the ship! That is one of my favorite meals when I travel to the Caribbean. I pretty much like any type of seafood they use.
  16. I've always preferred fountain soda to cans (or bottles) so only Pepsi is a disappointment. I guess it will keep me from drinking too much soda at least!
  17. Yay, first time I've seen "Skinny" Cocktails on a cruise menu!
  18. How is the temperature of the ship indoors in the evenings? Have you noticed women needing wraps/long sleeves in MDR/shows? Is it pretty consistent? Thanks!
  19. I plan on having lots of those! I hope it's not too sweet (but definitely like the spicy). It's hard finding lowish sugar drinks on a cruise (or any vacay spot really!)
  20. If you are so inclined, I would love to hear an opinion about the Pig and Anchor Bloody Mary and/or Blackberry Bourbon Fizz!
  21. This is making me so nervous! We have appointments Wednesday morning at CVS. If they don't have the rapid test we may just have to drive to Reagan airport and suck up the $200 cost (per person!) You said you were planning to take it at MCO if you didn't get your result. Was there any requirement to actually have a flight there? We are driving down to Florida on Friday (fortunately the one at Reagan is outside security). I will have to prepare DH for the potential cost.
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