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  1. It was 90 days for me. April request, July received refund.
  2. That’s awesome! When was your sail date? When was the refund date?
  3. What is the result? Did you receive a refund or still waiting?
  4. Same. Who has already received their refund and when did you cancel?
  5. What would you dispute anyway if Carnival states the refund will take 90 days? The fact that the refund isn’t provided sooner is not a case for a dispute. I’m not sure the credit card will even accept the dispute.
  6. Has anyone received their refund yet for a cancelled cruise? I canceled about 2 weeks ago and still have not received it. How long does it take?
  7. 3 in the hand is better than 6 in the Bush. I’ll take the 100% refund Alex. Thank you, next!
  8. i was told we could sail by end of 2021 and booked by end of March 2021.
  9. @beacha if you were in your 30’s would you still go as an MD?
  10. it should happen automatically for all sailings between now and May 31 if you don’t cancel.
  11. Carnival sent a letter today, it should happen automatically. Check your email or call your TA if you don’t see it. $100 3-4 day cruise, $150 5 day cruise, $200 6 or longer
  12. I’m sailing in May out of Seattle and thinking of canceling. Group I’m traveling with is concerned about being quarantined. Curious about what others are thinking. Also, I’m new to the group and I think it’s pretty cool this Board exists.
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