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  1. Hi all, We’re currently expecting and are considering booking a cruise with Princess for when our little one will be approx 1 year old. I was wondering if anyone can share any experiences of cruising with a baby? We’ve been on lots of cruises with Princess so aren’t new to cruising. I’m aware other cruise lines might be more ‘child friendly’. But like everyone we‘ve got a lot of cruise credit to use up 😂. Thanks in advance! Laura
  2. Is there any point in people arguing about this? Let’s all just be nice to each other and use this thread to share useful information about princess ships & coronavirus. None of us are exactly experts on this (that I know of) 😆. It’s a difficult time for everyone at the moment and bickering won’t help.
  3. I half agree BUT my husband and I can only afford one cruise a year. If we don’t get a refund for our cruise on 21st March and we don’t travel we won’t be able to afford another holiday this year. Why should we be penalised? This cruise had cost us £7,000..... not a small sum of money! For people travelling imminently I think we should be refunded. For people who are travelling April/May onwards, I think the FCC is reasonable at the moment but should be reviewed regularly.
  4. I just feel like we should get a full refund. Why should my £7000 sit in Princess’ bank account until we decide to book another cruise? We’ve not got any more planned at the moment
  5. I completely agree. We have got insurance so would need to look into if we could claim. I’m worried about my in laws travelling because they’re in their 70’s
  6. Completely agree! They should let us cancel for a full refund.
  7. If princess offered us a refund we’d cancel. I just can’t afford to lose out on £7,000. Granted they’ll take it off of another cruise but I’d rather have the money back in my bank account! There’s over 250 empty cabins on our cruise at the moment. Caribbean princess 21st March
  8. We got married on the Caribbean princess last March. Was the best day of my life!
  9. Due to board Caribbean princess on 21st March. If we can get a full refund we’ll cancel.... not happy with the offer of FCC at the moment. We’d rather have the money back in our bank account! Due to travel with my in laws who are in their 70’s and they’re adamant they’re still going. I feel like the point of a cruise is to rest and relax.... don’t think there’ll be much of that going on if we do go!! I also think it’s highly likely that ports will get cancelled. I don’t fancy the idea of 2 weeks onboard without any stops.
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