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  1. Thank you for sharing your trip with us. I wonder if you'll run across Riley Tench onboard...
  2. People who don't have a professional background in epidemiology or medicine, but wish to understand and make cogent comment on issues like covid remediation should take the time to learn about the issues surrounding other similar life or death countermeasures, for example the USPSTF and prostate cancer.
  3. How do you think it came to be that three of the best epidemiologists alive today, who have tenured positions at the best schools in the world, came to make these recommendations?
  4. Thanks - cruising will evolve, I'd like to see better accommodations for the crew, with fresh air ventilation for each cabin at a minimum.
  5. Well, I guess this is my introduction to Cruise Critic. First post, hope to learn from all of the veterans here over the coming years, as cruising will return eventually. People who are determined to have had C-19 and then recovered are, as Dr. Birx stated during a press conference last week, "99.9% likely" to have antibody based immunity to a second infection. This is why people who have recovered are being asked to donate blood so that their plasma can be donated to others who are having difficulty fending it off.
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