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  1. I wanted to come back and update you all as my refund was credited back yesterday. Cruise was scheduled to sale on 24th July and booked direct with P&O as a rebooking for a cancelled cruise last July. Requested refund on Fri 5th March and refund credited back on card on Mon 15th March. Thank you all who took time to post as this has been a great help to me and others.
  2. Thanks Tesni, will keep an eye on my online CC statement.
  3. Thanks everyone for your responses which are very helpful. My wife and I were happy to use FCC for the Ventura New Year cruise to Hamburg and Zeebrugge but the children weren't, so hence the refund request. We booked direct with P&O. Tony
  4. Good afternoon Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere. We were originally booked on Iona last July as a first time crusing family. We then rebooked to this July which has now been cancelled. Half the family are unsure about crusing now so filled in the online refund form. I have two questions. Firstly, how long before P&O process this? Secondly, I didn't get any email confirmation of my request, is this usual? Many thanks in advance Tony
  5. Thanks Terrierjohn. That's very helpful, just need to see what the situation is come balance time and whether our son is still of the same mind. Tony
  6. Good afternoon We are booked on Iona this July (originally booked last July), family of 4 booked in one balcony cabin. Our 18 year old is a bit nervous, but the rest of us still hope to go, restrictions permitting. If we cancel our son off the booking, would P&O discount his part of the price. Shows up on booking £699. Only paid deposit so far and booked direct with P&O. Many thanks from this hopeful 1st time cruiser. Tony
  7. I rebooked from 18th July for my family of four to same balcony grade cabin to 24th July 2021. Extra cost was about £300. No balconies for four on the 17th July cruise.
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