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  1. I believe so. It says it will "honor this offer for any guests who were previously booked on these voyages and canceled their bookings on or after March 6." We are in the same situation.
  2. Hey y'all...trying to avoid a call to Carnival. We cancelled our April 12 cruise about a week ago. I know we have our FCC ready to go. We got about half of the balance owed to us back on our credit card but the other part is not there yet. Has anyone gotten that back in two or more parts? Thanks in advance and everyone be safe!
  3. I agree on the full refund and wonder if that is coming shortly.
  4. That is exactly what I am telling my wife. I need my April 11th trip for my mental sanity. Lol
  5. No worries ...I used to work in a call center environment so I know how it works 😀
  6. Not that you want to wait until tomorrow but I called at 7am this morning right when they open and did not have a hold at all.
  7. I called this morning and confirmed. If you booked your airline thru Carnival that is all included in the credit/refund. It's the total amount you paid through Carnival. So no penalty per se. Basically the longer you wait to cancel the more % of your total booking goes to a Future Cruise Credit and the less goes back to your credit card.
  8. Yah we booked it all right thru the Carnival person on the phone. We wound up paying more for the airline tickets doing it that way but figured we had a little more safety so to speak. We are going to try to call again later today.
  9. But does it make a difference if you booked the airline through Carnival or not?
  10. We are booked on the Magic April 11th and we are considering what to do. Waited on hold for about an hour with Carnival before we had to leave. Totally understand the long wait time. We booked our airline through Carnival ...does all that get rebooked with no issues either if say we decide to move our trip to August?
  11. We just rec'd our email this morning. Still pondering what to do. April 11th sailing on the Magic.
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