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  1. Because people either are non compliant or they wear them improperly. Or they wear the wrong type...
  2. Totally agree about your delusion! It is definitely a delusion to believe that.
  3. I highly doubt (and fervently hope) things never quite return to the "normal" you're speaking of. Mask wearing will end, only with vaccination proof and the knowledge that the vaccine works. I believe there will never again be buffets the way they once were, and that to me is a good thing. I also believe that in the future whenever entering another venue on the ship that people will be required to hand sanitize. Just my humble opinion.
  4. TBT I have never booked a cabin without a veranda. So, imho, even though there is more room in the ocean view, I would definitely opt for veranda. I'm sure there are people here that have done both. But the fact that I can at any time (day or night) be "outside" is a deal breaker for me...
  5. I just found the entire ship not as "shipshape", food much much better. (DH hated the food on NCL, it was pretty subpar, even in the specialty restaurants.) Maybe we were just lucky with the entertainment on Celebrity, we found it more to our liking. (Opinion vs fact). Also, we truly found wonderful staff on all three ships, but did feel it was more personalized on Celebrity. (We have always cruised Aqua, Haven, or Balcony.) The balcony seemed a bit larger on Celebrity (maybe just room configuration). My travel dollars are hard earned, and we really want the "best" overall experie
  6. Great review, we are doing the reverse (Seward to Vancouver) May 2022. A long way off, but never too early to plan!!! I'm putting some of your tips in my saved spreadsheet for Alaska. THANK YOU!
  7. IMHO, it's not even close. I find much better food, service, entertainment, and general all around quality on Celebrity. Personally I will not cruise Princess or NCL ever again.
  8. Good Morning! After attempting to do a "Lift and Shift" unsuccessfully to another cruise, online Celebrity chat person told me to cancel my cruise and request a Future Cruise Certificate. During the chat, this person told me I could go ahead and reserve my cruise dates and pay the new deposit, so as not to lose the cabin that I had specifically requested. The extra moneys would then be refunded. (I actually asked if I could put it towards shore excursions.) I really do not care which way I get the $, I just do not want to lose my deposit. Has anyone had experience in this rec
  9. Hi, Very quick question. Traveling Southbound from Seward, which is the better side, Port or Starboard for best views from balcony? Thanks in Advance! I'm sorry if it's under the wrong topic, this and Australia or River cruises were my only choices 😞 NonnaTLC
  10. "I still think the mask wearing will be somewhat unobtainable to enforce. How do you deal with the person who wears the mask around their chin all day holding a glass in their hand who claims they just pulled it down for a minute to take a drink. How are you going to define the length of time it's reasonable to pull it down for food/drink." I think the answer to that is what is allowed where I live. If you are not seated at a table, you must wear a mask. There is no ambulating with drink in hand. If you are in a cocktail lounge or bar, you must be seated to be sipping. If
  11. Hi, this itinerary is the very first Celebrity cruise we took. We did something different in each port, and enjoyed all of them for different reasons. Happy cruising Nonn TLC
  12. I use the bill tracker for my own state, just Google "Bill tracker (name of state)"
  13. If someone were to get the flu and Covid-19 it would probably be fatal. The flu is pretty bad and can be deadly (especially to elderly and any other compromised person). But, the biggest problem I see is the ability for medical facilities would easily become overtaxed. There is still not enough PPE. I cannot imagina the "normal" number of flu cases added to Covid-19 cases. It would break our medical health professionals, and it would lead to a triage system that would become untenable... (Who gets the ICU bed?) Scary stuff happening right now!
  14. I think this is a great idea! We offer (I am an Adult Education Nurse) all our students free flu vaccines, and most get them. It is also a requirement for the clinical portion of programs I teach there. I believe it will make a huge difference in the flu/Covid-19 mash up. I'm hoping Connecticut does the same. Our state has done really well keeping the virus at bay, but credit goes to consistent required mask wearing, social distancing and public health awareness and COMPLIANCE! I, like everyone else wants this over so life can resume and the economy improves. Most of all
  15. That back deck was one of our favorite places as well! I never understood why we were the only ones out there!
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