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  1. All of you have been so helpful! I really appreciate that everyone has so much to share... Now, I have to find the forum that has the shore excursions, lol! I really seem to struggle with this particular travel site. I do much better with Disboards for WDW! Thanks to all, and Sparkle on! NonnaTLC
  2. "And it was by far the most casual of all:. We are eating in Blu almost every night, can the gents wear jeans and a pressed flannel shirt tucked in? Or do they need something a bit dressier? I am trying to pack as little as possible. I can always pack pretty scarves for over my Turtlenecks, but the guys are more limited.
  3. @dkjretired We are in cabins 1115 and 1117, that was part of the whole point in booking those balcony rooms. We can go to the deck of course, but I thought because of the crowds visibility would be poor.
  4. "As far as the glaciers go, you will be able to see well from your balcony. The captains usually do a complete turn of the ship in the bay, so everyone gets a great view." WOW, so happy! Thank you!
  5. We have a balcony, will we need to go on deck to see the glaciers, or will our balcony be perfect?
  6. Thank you All! We are arriving in Fairbanks the Monday before we board Millie to drive to Denali, then plan to work our way down to Seward by Thursday. (Ship boards on Friday) We did book a seaplane tour to dogsled, but nothing else so far. I plan to look into the other tours you mentioned. It is my understanding that once on board we can only do Celebrity sanctioned/arranged tours. We will probably only have the Alaska opportunity once, so want to take full advantage of our time there. And thanks for the tip about waterproofing! Sparkle on! ETA, I'm very close to yo
  7. We are booked right after you on May 20, 2022, Millie Alaska, so following. We've only been on 2 other cruises, but adore Celebrity. @CoatRackOfDoom ANYTHING you can tell us about the shore excursions would be try helpful! We are A1, so dining in Blu and have a great veranda. Any other tidbits would be greatly appreciated! Sparkle on Everyone! NonnaTLC
  8. We have used the laundry services and found them to be very fast and our clothing was perfectly pressed and clean. In fact, we had such a good experience that I'm planning on packing knowing I can rely on their laundry services, and pack less.
  9. The government can do whatever they like, however, so can cruise ships. It's a business, if you don't like their rules, don't cruise. And no there is no vaccine passport, but we all received documents verifying our vaccinations. I'm thinking that is what will be required to cruise.
  10. Always X Never again NCL Never Princess or Carnival (the age group) Willing to try RC and Oceana We also look at itinerary, but food is VERY important to DH, and service by staff also important.
  11. If everyone is not required to show proof of vaccination, I will not be cruising. End of story.
  12. Thank you, I found it! Is there any way to just bring up the ship or cabin number on the spreadsheet? TIA!
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