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  1. Absolutely. A cold usually means I spend a week feeling rotten, something I'd happily avoid if all it requires is occasionally wear a piece of fabric over my nose and mouth for a short period of time. To be honest, I'd do that just to reduce other people feeling that way. People talk about cold/flu/covid and how we can never be rid of them but if everyone really did social distancing for a few weeks worldwide they could be eliminated pretty quickly, it would just rely on everyone sticking to it and being honest about symptoms. The bit that blows my mind is that anyone would be more
  2. You're inferring a lot from my comment. First of all, we know that a virus where there is no pre-existing immunity will spread faster and more easily than one that's been around for decades where people have built immunity over years of being exposed to multiple variants. So regardless of measures taken, Covid was always going to spread faster. The same applies to the effect it has, people are likely to see stronger symptoms. Add to this that nobody was really sure how best to treat Covid, something that's still being fine tuned. Social distancing and mask wearing has reduced the n
  3. Anyone wondering why Noro spreads on ships, here is your answer:
  4. It's interesting how people's attitudes land. In the UK there are very few situations where you're indoors or in close proximity with others outside of your home where mask wearing isn't the norm, and for most it's just not an issue. I'd rather be wearing a mask on a cruise than be wearing one in the supermarket, and I'd rather have a holiday than not. It's also fascinating to me that this year there have been hardly any cases of flu or colds, likely down to a combination of social distancing and mask use. It's a very small thing we can all do some of the time to make a big differe
  5. I can still see prices for the DBP I purchased for my Dec 2021 Anthem cruise which I purchased last November.
  6. The problem with JW is that once you reach something palatable, you're paying far too much for what you're getting. Personally, I wouldn't drink anything below the gold label by choice (and there is literally always a choice), but for the cost there are so many amazing options.
  7. Very limited selection of scotch, mostly generic brands like Glenfiddich or Johnnie walker. No high end bourbons I saw, and the rums were all either spiced or dosed, very few actually Caribbean rums. They have to stock it before you can buy it! Picky is a matter of perspective. To each their own and fair play to all, but most spirits drinkers prefer quality over quantity. It absolutely does. Chain bars have created a culture of preferring large quantities of cheap booze over drinking something enjoyable. There's a particular chain called Wetherspoons which is the Walm
  8. The point in the OP is that Royal don't have the drinks they enjoy, not that they're not able to pound away as many drinks as they want.
  9. I feel your pain. I'm a rum drinker and the selection on board (while extensive) is very poor. I've offered to bring a few bottles for them to keep at the bar, to be poured at their discretion, and they keep what's left, but not even that was allowed. It's a shame as I think they'd have ended up choosing to stock it!
  10. That's a really good shout, looks like I could rebook for a trip in 2022 if it all falls apart. Thanks for the headsup!
  11. We might be high in the rankings, but we're still behind schedule already and the government schedules are unlikely to be fulfilled. I'm unlikely to qualify for one anytime soon. Which is right, front line workers like NHS, Blue Lights, teachers etc should get them.
  12. Ouch. By that time I'll definitely be flying economy, which if I booked now would be a cost I wouldn't worry too much about losing! This is where I keep leading myself in circles. Booking economy now would be cheap enough that I could deal with the risk, but then I'd spend the year wondering if I had missed out on a once-in-a-lifetime treat. But with the uncertainty around the cruise even happening, booking the upgraded seats is too much of an outlay to risk just losing. So booking with Royal solves the issue if it's affordable, but if they keep me waiting for months to find out it
  13. I've found myself with a bit of a dilemma recently. I don't get to cruise often, so the cruise I previously had booked for 2 weeks around the med on Anthem last June was a big thing for me. It was booked before covid, and when things kicked off I moved it to Dec 2021 in the Caribbean, thinking things would likely be back to normal by then. Throughout 2020, looking ahead to this has been the focus of my "let's get through this, there's a reward at the end" mindset. When I moved the booking, there was actually a bit of confusion on my part between the sailing dates of the
  14. Every time I come back to this thread I get the same catchy tune stuck in my head:
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