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  1. Have read completely though this thread and have to agree with some on here that Carnival does tend to have more signs of disruptive behavior not just in adults but children. We have sailed many different cruise lines for many years and as one poster stated have seen a decline in the character of Carnival guests most likely due to the price of the cruise which has dropped since we began sailing them. Now it is true not all fights are among the young or the drunk but I would bet that the majority of fights occurring on any cruise line involves alcohol and is typically younger people. The cruise lines do not release this kind of information but we have spoken to people on the cruise lines that have been with them for awhile and they validated this point. The price of cruises have become such a bargain and opened the door for many who could have never cruised before, now if you want to say "poor" or "undereducated" or "lower Class" it doesn't really matter, facts are facts. I do not know where some of you live and shop but I for one have never seen a fist fight break out where I live and shop nor in any of the restaurants and drinking establishments we go to.
  2. coffee pot, I don't function in the morning till I have downed a few cups of coffee and sitting the card out the night before doesn't always work cause not sure when we are getting up and sometimes room service can take an hour. And no way I can go out in public to get my coffee till I have my coffee,so I'd like a coffee pot!
  3. It is hard to be sympathetic for these folks....when many I have seen are staggering and weaving....or loaded down with shopping bags. Hey pay attention to what your doing and where your suppose to be or you may be the dumb a$$ of the day!
  4. Because it isn't about the money. It was about a company coming back after a contract was made and adding a charge. And lets be honest customer service, food quality, etc are changes they make any way. Just like the price of fuel we put in our tanks every week. If as a country we all stood up and said we are not paying it and didn't put gas in our tank for a week.....prices would come down. They have lowered the production of oil so they can raise the price of gas. And we all pay it.....so they do it. Now granted the above is never going to happen....but if we didn't' always roll over then maybe they wouldn't always take advantage of us. And the situation of the fuel surcharge is just one example. JMHO
  5. Thank you............ Now can we all just get along!!! :D
  6. I did not stand up against them to have the fuel surcharge removed completely. I understand their need to have one. My complaint was that it was added to already booked and deposited cruises. And that was what I fought against. Since in their catalog it stated once I booked my price would not charge. It was the principle not the money for me. You can send your $5 a day surcharge to your local food bank.....:D
  7. The tap water on the ship isn't to bad. Go to your local Walmart and buy a Brita Water Bottle has a filter built in. Then we just pour the melted ice from the room into it....and have cold filtered water............lots cheaper. :D
  8. I have been so busy the last two months have not had time to visit the boards. While having coffee this morning I stumbled on the article. And just can not believe it........Had to hurry over here to see if everyone has heard. It really makes me feel good to see the system work for the little guy and that sometimes it does pay to stand up. If all of us had rolled over and say "OK, charge me more money, I understand" then there would be no end to the add on's and sur charges. I feel really great about this...but I guess it is too early for a glass of champagne......for all my fellow cc'rs who sent emails to the various places....Thank you! We did it! :D
  9. Fat elderly women in tiny bikinis!!! What are they thinking? Don't they have mirrors!! eewwww!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Here is what we do for colder beer....we take a small baggie with Rock Salt or some places call it ice cream salt on ship with us. Then when we order the buckets of beer we sprinkle a little of the salt on top....in a few minutes the beer is icy cold.....be careful not to add to much salt or beer will freeze. DH will order a bucket to keep in the room in case he wants one on the balcony and the rock salt is a great trick for getting it cold fast.....:D
  11. LOL..... Honor the contract and not charge fuel charge on already booked guests..... Other then that nadda thing!
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