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  1. I am guessing my refund will be a long time in coming from Crystal if ever. Cancelled two weeks ago and not a peep from them. I could use back my money right about now, I need it more than they do!
  2. Given the lack of cash flow, ships still at sea, and costs: you can bet giving back money is the least priority for any cruise line.
  3. I am also dealing with Ponant (worse) and Crystal (same non responsive). I doubt I will see my refunds anytime soon if at all.
  4. Class certification would be a cinch in this case. The only issue would be whether foreign corps can be sued in the USA or not. Another reason why the cruise lines deserve not a penny in bail out.
  5. Where exactly would they cruise too? China? And remember it is now Fall in the Southern hemisphere and temperatures are dropping which supposedly spread COVID 19.
  6. America has a national martime academy and six state maritime academies; we can staff and man any cruise ship.
  7. https://www.carnivalcorp.com/financial-information/sec-filings/all/
  8. Because they are profiteers. They won't flag USA and even made the QM2 take down the Union Jack to save money.
  9. There are going to be massive inquests as to the cruise industry in general. Ponant has been lucky to avoid thse nightmares that continue to unfold but I would question business at usual resuming this Summer: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/27/four-dead-on-carnival-cruise-ship-amid-new-coronavirus-outbreak-aboard.html
  10. A nightmare scenario is developing, look at this ongoing horror at sea: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/27/four-dead-on-carnival-cruise-ship-amid-new-coronavirus-outbreak-aboard.html
  11. You do understand there is a pandemic? That ship cannot even be cleared to dock anywhere.
  12. Very tragic but it was preventable. Why did the fools keep operating after it was evident where this was going? Those ships should have been in port by March 10 or earlier.
  13. Not easy? Big class action firms sue much bigger fish than Carnival and win and in this case people have died.
  14. It is becoming evident consumers will demand changes. Buffets, outdated ventilation systems, cramped unsanitary conditions, and cancellation policies are all going to change. Ships will need to retrofit to meet these trends and that requires more capital on top of likely zero revenue for the next six months. If the cruise lines don't do this, next norovirus outbreak will be hyped to the moon and we have not seen the fully tally of the COVID 19 effects, there are still sick ships out there trying to disembark ailing passengers and crew.
  15. Billions of dollars in lawsuits coming against Carnival. Ordinary shareholders will take a haircut. And not just suits from passengers but shareholders and suppliers.
  16. But they should have stopped earlier and everyone knows it. Ships already out there should have made for port, not waited and tried to complete doomed itineraries.
  17. Make them flag part of their fleet in the USA if they want tax payer dollars.
  18. samiam1

    Le Boreal

    Carnival of course is a tricky devil, a dual corporation, here are the major shareholder of its public UK twin, Carnival PLC: Capital Research & Management Co. 109,309,983 20.7% Micky Arison 90,670,611 17.2% Truist Bank (Private Banking) 38,669,095 7.34% SunTrust Banks, Inc. (Wealth Management) 38,532,979 7.31% Capital Research & Management Co. (World Investors) 38,236,944 7.26% The Vanguard Group, Inc. 32,213,402 6.1
  19. Yep the plan is to run out the 60 days credit card dispute time line and then stiff you if need be.
  20. They are calling it imprisonment on the high seas: https://cruisepassenger.com.au/appalling-and-inhumane-3000-australians-imprisoned-simply-for-being-cruise-passengers/
  21. They set up business outside the US to skirt taxes and maritime protection rules - why should the tax payers help scofflaws?
  22. I prefer to give to actual charity not to for profit coporations and their shareholders who know the risks. Here who benefits from holding onto your money, you think they care about you or your family? Top 10 Owners of Carnival Corp Stockholder Stake Shares owned Total value ($) Shares bought / sold Total change Truist Bank (Private Banking) 7.34% 38,669,095 1,293,867,919 +38,477,792 +20,113.53% Capital Research & Management Co.... 7.26% 38,236,944 1,279,408,146 -8,032,204 -17.36% The Vanguard Group, Inc. 6.11% 32,213,402 1,077,860,431 +1,818,047 +5.98% PRIMECAP Management Co. 4.18% 22,016,482 736,671,488 -37,200 -0.17% BlackRock Fund Advisors 3.48% 18,305,771 612,511,098 +752,148 +4.28%
  23. Not a vital industry. IMO US hotels, car manufacturers and airlines would come first plus almost all the cruise ships are foreign flagged and many cruise companies are non USA.
  24. The porters likely did not want to risk getting infected.
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