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  1. This is very welcome from Cunard UK, after a frustrating period of silence. I received my email at 0809 hours GMT. The front page of the Cunard website is now showing all the details of these new "Flexible Booking Terms".
  2. As I'd be content simply not to lose money, I only asked for a FCC, for 100% of the money paid for the current cruise departing 28 March. So, I didn't ask about a refund. I imagine that one would be less likely to get that than a FCC.
  3. Just rang Cunard UK at 0815 GMT and they're not budging on giving an FCC yet.
  4. I've been plotting the number of covid-19 cases for Italy, UK, France and Germany. They are all increasing at the same exponential rate. What's happening in Italy is very much happening in the other countries; it's just that Italy started sooner. France and Germany are about 8 days later than Italy. The UK is about 4 days after France and Germany. I too am very frustrated with Cunard and would like a FCC for my March 28th cruise, by which time the number of UK cases could easily be more than 10,000. I imagine customer loyalty to Cunard is taking a bit of a knock.
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