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  1. sterling2

    Your favorite food On Princess

    My first almond croissant in 21 Princess cruises - excellent!
  2. sterling2

    Embarkation lunch Caribbean Princess

    Thanks - I hope we can get on in time. Love starting the cruise with DR lunch.
  3. sterling2

    Embarkation lunch Caribbean Princess

    Yes thank you. I was thinking maybe avoiding cabin and going straight to dining room.
  4. Which dining room is open and hours. We were on the Coral in February and lunch was only open one hour. Thanks!
  5. I use Clorox hand sanitizer. I wash my hands a lot but carry Clorox to use in various places - like after pulling my chair up to the table in the dining room and looking at the menu. Knock on wood - it’s worked for many cruises.
  6. Curious who the Hawaiian ambassadors are. Thanks for taking us along. I enjoy your posts.
  7. sterling2

    Anytime dining doesn’t work!

    I don’t understand why reservations are allowed for anytime dining. Don’t accept reservations and keep traditional diners out of anytime dining.
  8. sterling2

    Bottled water/ship’s water

    I love the way you think!
  9. You are the best! Love your posts, both here and Facebook. Thanks for taking the time to do this - very enjoyable.
  10. sterling2

    Norwegian Fjords July Sapphire Princess

    Wonderful review! Thank you!
  11. I sent a request last Monday and received confirmation today. Pretty fast!
  12. Has anyone left their car booking under value trips? Is parking still $7/day. Can you leave the car for a 14 day cruise? Thank you.
  13. I called back, spoke with a different rep, no mention of PVSA, told her what I wanted to do. We are booked - no hesitation or question on her part. Thank you for your replies.
  14. Princess rep told me this. He said it’s in violation because Fort Lauderdale to LA doesn’t stop in a foreign port and we’re returning and leaving LA on same day and same ship. If we had 24 hours between cruises it would be ok.