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  1. So what is the definition for BHB as it pertains to Holland America?
  2. Has anyone had one of these cabins? If so, we would be interested in any comments you might be willing to share.
  3. Thanks. The beverage package is included on our bookings. We wouldn’t purchase it as an add on. Here’s hoping we get to cruise!
  4. Will room service deliver drinks when you have the beverage package? TIA.
  5. The coughing on the 28 day was horrendous. Many of those people should have been in their cabins. Maybe some things will change for the better. We can hope people will become more aware and less me me me.
  6. We were on both of these cruises. Curious how you know there were over 800 people sick. Usually if there’s that many sick there’s evidence such as salt and pepper shakers disappearing. There was none of that on either cruise. We agree with the last sentence about feeling safe. Captain Lewis was fantastic as were the crew. One of the best captain and crew on our 27 cruises.
  7. I love your blog and trivia questions and answers. I'm appreciative of the time it takes for you to do this. Keep up the great work and enjoy your grand adventures.
  8. The Consonance Duo were on the Royal SA 49 day cruise. They are excellent - piano and violin. Currently on Coral and then will be going to the Sea in Australia. Really enjoyed them and they drew large crowds.
  9. My favorite place for this is Crooners. I’ve been on cruises where it was in a dining room or Skywalkers - a bunch of us always end up in Crooners. It has the best light and lots of foot traffic. People always stop by to see what everyone is working on. Princess used to sell needlepoint kits but I haven’t seen those for quite some time.
  10. Any idea of cost for these plans for 74 days? Thanks for the info.
  11. Is there somewhere on Holland America’s website to purchase these packages and if so, how far in advance of the cruise are they available. TIA.
  12. Thank you - I hope someone is on, the ukulele lessons are fun.
  13. I thought they did for part of the cruise.
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