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  1. We had 3 cabins booked, so a total of $1,800 for our next cruise. That will buy me a few drinks and send the kids to the trampoline park a couple of times.
  2. As far as them giving everyone that cancelled the $600 OBC on a future cruise, I'm not sure but they may be just giving it to those guests who were forced to cancel rather than who chose to. That's just my guess, I'm by no means any expert. I waited to cancel to see what was going to happen until I was closer to the cruise date.
  3. I just received the email from Carnival notifying me that our scheduled sailing on March 21 has been cancelled. I am attaching the letter I received to this post, I hope it displays properly. Basically, we will have until December 31, 2020 to book another sailing, plus receive 100% FCC and a $600 per cabin OBC since we were booked on a 7 day sailing on the Panorama. Alternatively we could receive a cash refund, but we are already discussing when we can reschedule for so that's off the table for us. TEMPORARY PAUSE IN SERVICE.pdf
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