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  1. We almost booked the Breeze 8 night (also a great itinerary) but opted for the Radiance last minute. Of course we are really regretting the decision! I think the Breeze is more likely to sail. We have been on the Breeze once and, even though we loved it, we like to try different ships. That was the deciding factor at the time.
  2. Me too. Dh has to travel to NY for work a fair amount and he hates it. We would love for him to be locked out. Lol
  3. This is the cruise on which we are booked also. Awesome 8 night cruise!
  4. I thought I responded to this earlier but must not have submitted. Yes, unfortunately we are booked easy saver so would take a $250 hit for 5 people (2 cabins). The entire cruise is about $4500. We are waiting for a refund from a Princess cruise for about $5500 from March (!) so are a bit scared to put more money down if the Radiance is not going to sail. We are not worried about the Covid hysteria and just worry about whether it will sail or not. We booked the cruise 2 years ago, so it is really sad to think about cancelling. I remember the day we booked it. We were very excited. Almost all new ports for us.
  5. Not sure if we should pay off our November trip. If it will be cancelled, we definitely do not want to pay it off.
  6. Still no refund on our end. We were on the March 14 Regal cruise cancelled by Princess. We have not talked to our credit card company yet. We have called princess 2xs and they said both times you are close. This is a very strange situation. This was to be our first Princess cruise. I so wish we had chosen another line. Big mistake. A $5500 mistake.
  7. We still have not received a refund on our March 14 cruise. We picked option one and received the cruise credit about 2 weeks ago but no refund of fees, taxes or prepaid grats and services. I finally called them today and they said they are really close. I kind of felt like I was just being put on.
  8. We have a no mask policy. We don’t like junk science.
  9. Hard no for our family. Our doctor advised us that masks actually spread germs because you end up touching your face all the time. He recommended just practicing smart hygiene. He also said continuous use contributes to breathing problems. Plus, we have kids and I am not interested in trying to force them to wear masks. I have enough to deal with. At most 20% of the population is sporting masks where we live. From what we have read, we have come to the conclusion that they just are not necessary in the current situation. We have not worn one yet and will not go anywhere that tries to require us to wear a mask.
  10. How can this be? I thought CCL didn’t employ any Americans?
  11. We are waiting on a GC refund also. Since Princess cancelled our cruise in March.
  12. We received the FCC but nothing for anything else. Nothing for prepaid gratuities or anything.
  13. I finally called Princess today for the first time since our booking was cancelled by the cruise line on March 15. I spoke to someone who was nice but seemed stressed out and sounded like a temporary employee. She could not answer any questions I asked but assured me that the refund would be processed within 60 days. She asked if I had received a refund for gratuities and shore excursions and I said no. She said, “Oh, it just hasn’t been processed yet.” Didn’t inspire a lot of confidence, but I really feel for the company and can only imagine how everything is falling apart for them. I am just hoping for the best and I have real faith in CCL as a corporation. I think they will pull through and we will be sailing before you know it. I am in the camp that sees the entire reaction to the virus as an over reaction, so for me this will all be in the rear view mirror as soon as we are allowed to hit the road again. Hopefully everything starts to open up by May 1. Everyone I know is ready to go.
  14. We were supposed to be on regal on March 15 and chose option one, still nothing. I even went in immediately and cancelled one person’s prepaid gratuity to see if that would be refunded immediately as some people reported— nothing. Forgot to mention. The cruise shows completed in our accounts as though we took it. One person in our family even received an offer to take another cruise based on the imaginary one we just “took.”
  15. That is so strange, then. Initially our cruise was listed as an upcoming cruise, normal, right? Then a couple of days after what should have been the sail date, they removed all evidence of the cruise, which didn’t surprise me. But then when I noticed it back on there as a completed cruise 2 days ago, it seemed strange, especially since we have not received or heard anything else from Princess at all. Anyway, thanks for the feedback.
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