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  1. Unfortunately I have princess and carnival cruise credits I have to use! But this is good to see.
  2. I see people are saying all of Alaska is cancelled, but on the Princess website it says only Alaska cruises from Vancouver, not Seattle, are cancelled. Is this right?
  3. Yes but I don’t like it and I agree with those who say masks are pointless
  4. Sorry, I just don’t have the fear that you do. I don’t mean that in a defiant or condescending way. I understand your perspective. I got covid early on (almost a year ago- hard to believe) and wanted to know as much about it as possible. I was scared too. So I’ve done a lot of my own reading on the topic. I’ve look at the raw data and how it is collected, both of which are not always easy to find. I recommend that to you. If you take the media and cdc at face value, you will become paralyzed over a virus with a very low death rate, comparable to a bad flu. That’s from the cdc’s own nu
  5. I’ve already had Covid along with the majority of people I know. Not worried about traveling to Mexico. I’ve been traveling all over the US (South) since this started.
  6. It is interesting but POA gets absolutely awful reviews on service.
  7. Yes. Penn is saying full speed ahead but they are also admitting that we do not know if these rna vaccines are completely safe. There are risks with everything, or most things, so I am not expecting life to be risk free. But the point is that for me, the risk isn’t worth it. Covid isn’t deadly enough. And there are plenty of therapies. Not interested in a vaccine that uses new, suspect (for me) technology. There are a lot of doctors online who are very, very skeptical of this vaccine.
  8. I put a laughing emoji but I am serious! Is it a possibility? I noticed that they haven’t sent out cancel notifications yet...
  9. That is what is disturbing actually. They have been researching them a long time but never used them because of negative side effects. The problem is that we really do not know. Is Covid that bad that you would risk this unknown? For me, no. http://www.uphs.upenn.edu/cep/COVID/mRNA vaccine review final.pdf
  10. We have an Alaskan cruise scheduled out of Seattle in August. Can princess just reroute it to Mexico?
  11. We will be on an August Alaska cruise with 3 kids. They are generally well behaved, but they are kids. I agree that kids clubs will be limited capacity, so kids will be more visible. I think the last week of August will have less kids. September probably almost none.
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