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  1. This is exactly why I took the refund. Once they have your money in a FCC they can pretty much manipulate you and squeeze every nickel and dime out of you. Some people become enamored at the thought of getting an extra 25% in a credit, but really fail to recognize that this company will raise the fare by 50%. This is a business and they really don't care about you, they care about their bottom line.
  2. Wait! Hold on to YOUR money instead of letting NCL hold on to it. There will be plenty of deals to come.
  3. https://www.newsweek.com/disney-world-disneyland-paris-disney-cruises-suspending-operations-due-coronavirus-1492073
  4. They are offering cash refunds. If the future cruise credit option does not work for some guests, they will be able to complete an electronic form on Princess.com to request a cash refund. Princess asks guests not to call the Reservation Call Center due to the possibility of high call volumes and the potential of long on-hold wait times due to this unprecedented action. Guests and their travel advisors will be sent communications on how to manage cancellations and desired compensation.
  5. https://www.princess.com/news/notices_and_advisories/notices/global-ship-operations-pause.html
  6. Has NCL offered any incentive to not cancel? OBC?
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