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  1. When the Millennium moved the men's changing room to the port side they did put in a new sauna (no porthole window). I didn't get to use it on our Asia cruise in March but it and the changing room looked very nice.
  2. Nordski, Thank you, you have some very good and valid points we should consider when cruising in the future.
  3. We were in one of the sweet sixteen balcony cabins on the forward section, deck 6.
  4. We just came off the February 17 Millennium cruise in Asia (post Revolution). Those of you who have not sailed with the changes yet and think there's no storage...it just isn't true. We sailed for 14 days and had empty drawers. They did cut down on the amount of hanging space but there is more than enough drawers and shelves for clothing.....not to mention plenty of additional shelving space in the bathroom.
  5. Yes, there is a clothesline in the shower stall. We were happy to see it in our cabin.
  6. We just came off the Millennium Asia cruise on March 4 and were surprised to see as many children on this ship. Still not a lot but the most we've ever seen on our 37 or so Celebrity cruises. One day in the OVC the Kids Club was heading through with about 15 or so in the group. The kids on this cruise (teens and younger) were all well behaved from what we saw. I don't think Celebrity will see a huge influx of children sailing with them since they don't offer all the bells and whistles that would attract them. But I think with the new Edge Class ships and the "Revolution" of its other ships the company's vision of attracting a younger clientele includes families with children so these promotions will most probably continue.
  7. Yes the Cosmos lounge on the Millennium was untouched by the changes. However, I think the taking a chunk out of the lounges of the S-Class ships will be quite noticeable since the Sky lounge on the Reflection is only about half the size of the other S-Class ships and without that full view with the added suites.
  8. Yes, the balcony is still the same size. We loved having the extra space. Now only if there was a bigger table and foot stools that would have made it perfect and still have provided us with plenty of space.
  9. We were on the 2 week Millennium Asian cruise that ended March 2 and had a great time. We stayed in one of the "sweet sixteen" cabins. According to my wife the refurbished cabin looked like a dorm but to me it was just fine. However, it grew on her with a few days. Even though they took out one of the wardrobes it had plenty of storage space and shelves, including in the bathroom. Celebrity did a nice job updating the bathroom although they used a fake marble laminate around the shower stall which they could have picked a better material but I'm not complaining, only an observation. We never ran out of new tissues as another poster mentioned earlier so didn't have to switch to an old tissue holder. Also our trash can lid closed at all times. Our a/c worked fine but whoever came up with the idea of hanging a bedside lamp from the ceiling so you have to get out of bed to turn it off must have lost their mind!! There were a few minor items that workmen still need to complete and our stateroom attendant had a list of what they were. We found out later that some items ran out and were ordered and being shipped from the States. I noticed that the teak railing on the balcony was replaced with aluminum or similar material. The public decks are still the teak material. We love the changes to the MDR. It is so much brighter. We don't think it is drab at all. We sat in the high chairs maybe 5 times during the cruise and found them to be comfortable. Those chairs have a small pillow for your lower back. The regular chairs were also comfortable. Food was also very good. It was hot most nights. I would say 2 nights it arrived warm. We sailed a past cruise on Milly where we could not get a hot meal no matter what we did so we were pleasantly surprised. Service was excellent too. Rendezvous Lounge is a huge improvement from its former self. Bright and stylish. We were disappointed no changes were made to Cellar Master or Café Al Bacio. We both enjoy wine and have enjoyed sitting at the bar in the past but it just looks so dreary now. And while sitting at the Café drinking coffee I noticed the bottom of one of the hightop yellow chairs was hanging down to the floor. And I said to my wife "now why couldn't they just fix that if they weren't going to replace the furniture." Now that was a complaint AND an observation! Martini bar still also looks the same but you become so mesmerized by the bartenders doing their juggling tricks (plus the buzz from a martini or two) that you don't notice the same old décor Lastly, the production shows are the same as on the other ships....nothing new. We've seen them before so we didn't care to repeat it. There were a few good guest entertainers but that's about it. All in all we had a wonderful time, met some great people from all over, saw some great places and have a lot of great memories.
  10. PoolSlider you're right. I should have called it sparkling. Can't call it champagne unless it's from France.
  11. We were served Domaine Chandon Brut Champagne when we are on the premium package.
  12. Don't forget that after the last refurbishment of the M class ships (Solsticetizing) they added deck 11 Aqua cabins aft just over the Sunset bar. I will report back. We love the size of those balconies!!!!
  13. Interesting. We will be on the Milly (in a Sweet Sixteen also) on the February 16, 2019 sailing, just after the refurbishment, so we will see first hand what actual additions have been made to her.
  14. We are fellow St. Louis area neighbors (Saint Charles) enjoying your blog and pics!!! We also love the Four Seasons downtown. Hope you had a great time while you were there. Hope you both have a great holiday and congratulations on your wedding!!!!!
  15. I have read on another board that they are adding AQ staterooms to the forward section of the M Class ships during the refurbishment thus taking out mens/womens shower and sauna areas. Don't know what else is coming out or areas being reduced. No talk of additions to S Class except adding high end suites next to Sky lounge.
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