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  1. Wow...hasn't happened to me and I've had one big refund since last week and the other just this week. You didn't ORIGINALLY dispute the charges with your credit card company/bank, did you? If you disputed and then Carnival (and not your CC/bank) issued a refund, that MIGHT be causing some issues. Definitely would call them and ask to speak to a supervisor or someone in accounting. That's definitely unacceptable.
  2. Yes, it commonly is along the lines of "services not provided" dispute that the credit card company uses. Make sure to keep all your documents (emails, AA cancellation notices, etc.), as well as any possible dates/times of your conversations with American.
  3. As a last resort, you can dispute the charges with American. I did that and received my "nonrefundable" flight costs back. They were more frustrating to deal with than Carnival.
  4. *I HAVE RECEIVED MY FULL REFUND AS OF THIS MORNING* 😃 NEARLY $8K FOR GROUP BOOKING. No Credit Card Dispute. -Cruise Date: March 25th, 2020 -Initial "Cancellation" by me was around March 9/10th (FCC + Partial Refund), Called on March 14th to request FCC Back to Cash for FULL Refund. -Our excursion refunds were quick as we requested them on March 9/10th call and we got the money back on March 12th (March 13th with the cruising "policy update" was when they got slammed with refund requests) -$8K across THREE different cards -Approx. 5 weeks for ~$2500 refund on two cards (received l
  5. Might be separate, I don't understand how they're "processing" the refunds on their side. I assume they're trying to go date-by-date and are still working through March. I also have a feeling they're also basing refunds on the "amount" and only allowing so many refunds at a given time to balance their finances.
  6. I'm waiting on my third (and largest) refund. Carnival issued the first two which were deposits on my and my wife's card and we're waiting for the third (the FCC) to be turned back to us. I might call Carnival this week just to double-check it's in their "queue"...especially cause they issued the other two refunds already.
  7. The date is likely tied to when Carnival Customer service initiated the refund but DID NOT send it through because accounting had to "review" it. For example, I called and got our refunds initialized on March 14th. Two of our Three refunds have the March 14th credit date on them. If you did a form, maybe April 6th was the "processing" date. Still waiting on the third refund. Might call Carnival next week if it doesn't pop up.
  8. They seem to be refunding the March cruises right now. My cruise was March 25th and I received 2 out of my 3 refunds this week. Waiting on the third (largest amount). This is NOT from a credit card dispute, but an actual Carnival refund. seven_37, if your cruise was March or early April, they could finally be getting to you.
  9. Yes, it does indeed look like they're just getting through March right now. Good news is that refunds seem to actually be "moving" now and being pushed back to the customers.
  10. We received the second of our three refunds this morning. This is actual Carnival doing the refund, NOT a credit card dispute. It was dated March 14th, the day we phoned and asked for a full refund. These were on a Discover and a Visa cards. These refunds are a little over $2500. Refunds are starting and happening indeed now. We were a March 25th cruise. Waiting on our last and largest refund amount on a Mastercard Debit. I assume this one might take a few days if they actually let it be released earlier this week.
  11. adonald@carnival.com Some folks on Facebook e-mailed him. They said their response was "quick" but didn't outline if that helped any.
  12. My wife and I have received one part of our three-part Carnival refund this morning. We used three different cards since last summer to pay for our March 25 Group cruise. My wife received the full amount (~$1300) back on her card. We still have refunds we're waiting on for two remaining cards for about $5000. So the refunds are "coming". Don't know how they're organizing it as I thought we should have all the refunds back this morning but at least we're down to two sets left rather than three. We cancelled via phone on March 14th. All this is a transfer of FCC-back-to-cash for
  13. Sounds like they're slowly starting to push refunds! Glad you all got them. We're a March 25th cruise so we're waiting on that. Looks like they're hitting early/mid-March.
  14. Please share details. When did you cancel? Did you do it over the phone or the form? When was your cruise? was it directly with Carnival or a Travel Agency? Most importantly: Was the refund from Carnival themselves or through a Credit Card dispute?
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