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  1. Thinking about booking a cruise out of Baltimore for the first time. Need recommendation for decent hotel close to the port that has shuttle to the port and hopefully good restaurants close by. Thank you in advance!
  2. I’m new to doing a back to back cruise so I’m hoping those of you that have done it can help me. I’ve read that we are escorted off the ship last, go through customs and then back on board. What about our new sail and sign card for the next cruise? I am wanting to meet my daughter and son in law for lunch at the pier and to get off the ship for a couple of hours. Will there be a special entrance for us or will we have to stand in line with all the people embarking the ship? Sorry about the ignorance but this is a first for me so I need help from the experts!
  3. My husband and I took this cruise last July and were a little disappointed because two of the ports we were looking forward to were cancelled...anchorage and icy straight due to ship problems so we are booked again and leave Monday to try it again! We loved the itinerary and would encourage anyone to go if they could! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. Can anyone tell me what it costs for a taxi from the pier in Homer to the winery? I know that there is a bus that takes you to town that you can pay for but I don't know how far the winery is from where they drop you off. The ship does have one excursion that takes you to a brewery and the winery for $90 pp but we don't care that much about beer. Thank you in advance for your help! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. Can anyone tell me if there is souvenir shopping close to the port? I am looking for t shirts with the Columbian flag on them. Thank you!
  6. Any guess at what a cab would cost from the Black Falcon Pier?
  7. Thank you Carol! You were spot on with the Battery Wharf! With taxes and fees it was $268 but I guess still a good deal considering. Now on the return you say Copley Square back bay area is a good choice. Can you please elaborate? How far will we be from the airport and what kind of hotel might we get? And you said its a good area for dining and shopping. You have been very helpful and I appreciate your taking the time to answer my questions!
  8. Cruising out of Boston in October. Looking for a hotel close to the cruiseport and shopping. Hotwire has what they call "Fanueil Hall/North End/waterfront area boutique hotel for $211 for Oct. 17. Does anyone have any idea what hotel it might be? We won't have a vehicle so we are trying to stay close and the price looks very good for Boston. We are also wanting to stay post cruise and the same hotel is $291 for Oct. 25! Thanks for any help you can give!
  9. My DH and I will be on the Miracle 15 day to Hawaii next month and was wondering if they repeat the dinner menu every week? This will be a first for us to be on a ship longer than 7 days so were just wondering how they did this. Thank u in advance for any replies!
  10. Stayed at Hotel Maya several years ago to park and cruise for a 7 day cruise. Do they have a package to park and cruise for a 15 day cruise? Or does anyone know of a hotel that does? Many thanks in advance! My cruise is for 10/18/14
  11. We always eat at Geddy's. Check them out at http://www.geddys.com. They have a picture gallery where they take pictures of their customers. It's fun to look at your picture a year later and remember the good times!
  12. Thank you for the reply. We are sailing Royal Caribbean so I'm wondering about their policies. Never had a problem on NCL, Princess or Carnival. I will just put my drinks in a duffle bag i just got in Seattle to bring back everything we bought! Hopefully it will make it to our room. Just some water, diet dr pepper and diet tonic.
  13. Another liquid question to bore everyone! I drink gin and diet tonic. Spoke to RCCL rep and she said they do not sell diet tonic on the ship. On other cruise lines we have always brought some water, diet dr. pepper and diet tonic along with a small leak proof ice chest to keep in our room, tip the steward well to keep ice in it for the week.. Of course I have been told you cannot bring anything on board but I have read about people putting it in their luggage instead of carrying it on and it made it to their room just fine. I have the Rum Runners for my gin as I drink lime flavored gin and (knock on wood) so far they have always made it. Believe me we spend plenty of money on drinks but enjoy some drinks in our room. I would appreciate any recent feedback! Haven't cruised RCCL since they changed the C & A levels. We were 2 cruises away from being diamond so needless to say that made us very angry. :mad: Anyway, thanks in advance for any thoughts!
  14. Thank you all for your responses! Being from Texas I had no idea what the Head of The Charles was....sorry! I booked the Best Western Adams Inn. I understand from posters it's not in the best area but I was told by the gentleman I spoke with that if I could count to 3, I could get to town via the subway;). They provide transportation to from pier and airport AND I got a king bed room for only $165. That's taxes and all. I feel lucky now to have gotten that!
  15. My husband and I will be flying in on Oct. 19,pre cruise,for the 10/20/13 Brilliance of the Seas and staying one night post cruise. I am having sticker shock at the price of hotels! Seeing as we won't have transportation it is important to be able to get to from the airport and cruise terminal as economically as possible. Of course we want to go shopping downtown Quincy market etc.. Any suggestions or help? I have been searching for what seems like hours with no luck. I know I can count on my fellow cruisers! Thank you in advance :)
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