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  1. If I had to guess, cruises are going to be canceled through May or June. And then again once fall flu season hits. Those that took credits will lose them if there is bankruptcy.
  2. did you read about the cruise ship with over 700 confirmed cases? that likely started from one person? did you read the article that its been found in HVAC systems? it could even spread through flushing the toilet? are you able to take the risk that if any of the 3,000 possible other passengers have flu-like symptoms, the boat may not be able to go into a port, and you may be stuck aboard? this thing is probably already everywhere and we are going to start seeing cases explode in the next week or two, if its everywhere, it will spread through cruise ships w
  3. facts: we dont know the true mortality rate we dont know how many cases we dont know how many recoveries we dont know how many severe cases we don't know how many that are recovering are ending up with major complications/internal organ damage recovery can be long... and painful.... some reports say 32 days on average, if you get the bad strain its very easily transmissible, virus seems to live longer than flu virus on surfaces, in air/droplets/whatever hospitals are overwhelmed and under-prepared (just look at other countries, saying that basical
  4. all we have is information thrown around that is guesses and not accurate or later proven to be incorrect if the US wasnt ignoring testing folks, we'd have better data apparently there are TWO strains, very little info about whats actually spreading around the USA just the other day, a paper was published saying this thing is airborne and can float around in the air for three hours on average... take anything with a grain of salt
  5. "Cancel anytime up to 48 hours before sailing for a full refund" Not for a "credit" but for a "full refund" and notice how its been changed after several days to say "Cancel up to 48 hours prior to sailing and receive a full cruise credit" They goofed. They know they did. They even fixed it days later. They owe "full refunds" to all past bookings in which the original wording was effective for. My guess is they are freaking out now they dont have the cash on hand to do that. Hence the huge $$$$$$ loan they took out. Attached is the cu
  6. Exactly. I have seen his personal email responses. Its a disgrace. Poor leadership and opening the company up to additional risks. My personal opinion, put it in writing that you want a "full refund" not "credit" before the cruise, don't accept a credit, don't show up, file complaints with your attorney general, FTC, etc, and let see if they dont go bankrupt. You might get your money back or you might lose it. In my case/argument, there is no interest in ever going on a Norwegian cruise in the future so we can care less about a credit. To add to my above comment, its not only about
  7. Every business should have a plan. There is business interruption insurance. During Hurricane Sandy, I know many businesses that had it and didnt lose a penny or were made close to whole, and others that didnt have it, no savings, no plan, and either went out of business immediately or soon thereafter. It is the prudent thing for any business owner to have a plan, understand risks, continuity of business/resilience, how to transfer risks (i.e. insurance), and yes, businesses shouldnt be going month-to-month to survive, just like people, they should have 3-6 months cushion! Why should everyone
  8. See attached screenshot. Pretty sure this is illegal in some countries/states, maybe not all, but either way it is deceptive and misleading.
  9. Screw bailouts. Screw helping big companies. They should have had contingencies for this. Rewaeding their poor planning is disgusting.
  10. In some locales, one can't state in big bold words "full refunds" then put an asterisk and smaller font " credit". It's false advertising / deceptive. A credit is NOT a refund.
  11. I do think they goofed on that and that may allow many to file complaints and law suits and succeed against them. Who is best to file complaints with? State attorney general? Fcc? Ftc? All the above?
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