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  1. When cruising resumes it is likely that ships will not be sailing at full capacity. I am very curious about the cruises that are already booked at a higher capacity than whatever limits RC decides on. Any ideas or hints on how they will decide who sails and who gets bumped? We have a family cruise booked for July 2021 and I am wondering if there is anything we can do to increase our chances of actually getting to sail. Do you think they will give preference to those who booked earliest? To those who have paid in full earliest? I'm concerned that they won't be able to accommodate everyone
  2. Our family has reserved an overwater cabana and there are 12 of us. We understand that we can only have 8 at our cabana but we bought Beach Club passes for the other 4 of our party so that we can all at least be at the Beach Club together. I called Royal Caribbean and they said that as long as those 4 have passes, they can visit us in our cabana. Two probably will want to be off on their own and several more will probably come and go. We are hoping that this will work for our family.
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