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  1. Hi, folks! I am looking for a home camera, and security is like the first thing on top of the feature list. Have some previous accidents with data missing from the cloud storage of a cam. So now I’m looking for a built-in storage cam or something like that. If you have any suggestions I will appreciate any help.
  2. I'm waited 10 business days for returning my money, on Monday will be 11th day.
  3. Till to end of may all public events etc will cancelled. Its horrible🥴. Anyway I hope that after 24 of May all cruises will open
  4. How to create short videos with sound and image effects? Can`t make it clear for myself. Anyone can help me?
  5. Each of us comes with this frequently 😅
  6. Rome picture 😍 Looks like thumbnail size
  7. Now that's all putting off till unknown date due to the coronavirus
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