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  1. HAL cancelled our April 16 trans Pacific cruise. I called my HAL Personal Cruise Consultant to discuss refund vs. FCC. At that time, April 1, he told me that HAL was dealing with 40,000 cancellations (even more now) and that the 60 day refund timeline was an estimate.
  2. We are scheduled for an April 16 cruise - a transpacific from Sydney to Vancouver. All ports are closed and we have international flights still scheduled. We can't even enter Australia. Called HAL and was told the cruise is still on. This is only three weeks away - not in May or June and not a word from HAL. I know they are overwhelmed but it's not that hard to send group emails to all those currently booked on that voyage. It's not going to sail and we know that and they know it as well. The uncertainty is stressful and their March 31 deadline for us to cancel is rapidly approaching. Should
  3. I'm on an April 16 Sydney to Vancouver cruise. Can't go to Australia closed as is Vancouver and all of the ports scheduled along the way. Called HAL - it's still on. What? I can cancel but before March 31 and get a FCC. If I don't cancel by March 31 I'm playing their game of chicken - I get choice of cash refund of FCC of 125% of cruise value if they cancel - which they will since there's no way this cruise can happen. But why put us through this waiting game - cancel already and before the March 31 deadline just a week from now.
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